Information Governance final milestone paper

   Scenario: You entertain novelly been commissiond as a Chief Advice Governance Officer (CIGO) at a big order (You may adopt your activity). This is a newly created position and division amid the form that was founded on the want to coordinate all areas of the office and to procure governance of the advice. You gain want to commission for all positions amid your new division. The order has been in office for past than 50 years and in this duration has attentive far-reaching amounts of facts. Much of this facts has been stored in hardenedened portraiture format in filing cabinets at an offsite location but in novel durations, attentive office facts is in electronic format stored in refine shares. Customer facts is entity stored in a ideal factsbase, but the closing of administrations has caused facts candor issues such as duplication. There are currently no policies in assign to discourse the handling of facts, office or customer. The CEO and Board of Directors entertain tasked you to expand a proposition (paper) that gain present them the scholarship wanted to reach sensible decisions on an enterprise-wide Advice Governance program for the order.  Requirements: 1. The disquisition should conceive at a insufficiency of the aftercited sections: a. Distinction page b. Executive Summary (Abstract) c. Body i. Introduction ii. Literature review iii. Program and technology recommendations d. Conclusion e. References 2. You must conceive at lowest two figures or tables. 3. Must refer-to at lowest 10 references and 5 must be from peer reviewed erudite journals. 4. This disquisition should be in constitutional APA format and should not be past than 15 pages, beside the distinction page and references.    Q1 – A one-page disquisition describing the activity chosen and virtual resources to be used. Q2 – Full annotated sketch of the disquisition including sections to be used Q3 – Last disquisition draft Q4 – Completed last lore disquisition