Identify what you consider to be the three most significant political changes in the century preceding the start of World War I.

   Identify what you investigate to be the three most momentous political changes in the date former the set-on-foot of World War I. To stay your choices, you procure need to highlight a stint two senior Western nations and two colonies during this limit. In enumeration to outlining the changes, your descriptions should comprise details akin to economics and the elevation political conflicts associated delay imperialism, politics, and sociality.  Be firm to comprise the aftercited aims in your essay:  An portico that engages the reader and distinctly      presents the essay’s Nursing essay and a analysis of the deep aims that      clarifies your aim of object.  Choose at meanest two sources from the databases in the      CSU Online Library. These sources may be eBooks or catechism as crave as      they are academic in character. The Academic One File and America History and      Life databases are good-natured-natured places to set-on-foot your learning.  The structure of the essay should distinctly give      points shapely logically to stay the Nursing essay.  The communication should be distinctly arranged and pointed      delay no spelling, positive, or punctuation errors.  Your essay should be at meanest two pages in extension, double-spaced, and use APA mode guidelines. The epithet and regard pages do not sum towards the stint page extension modification.