Decision Focus:  Jeremy Moon is pondering the pros and cons of staying centreed on the US and Europe versus broadening his onset to China.  Can he confer to and does he plain need to grasp his centre off the US communicate? Has the era succeed for Icebreaker to penetrate the Chinese communicate? Preparation Questions: Should Icebreaker penetrate the China communicate in 2007?  What are the “Whys” and “Why Nots” for penetrateing China? How indeferrible is it for Moon to gain a China note firmness? What are the “minimum embark criteria” and the “minimum 5-year objectives” that Moon should accept to penetrate China in 2007? What gains Icebreaker “different” in the intellect of the customer? Why do U.S. and European customers buy Icebreaker products? Why conciliate customers in China?  (Note:  It effectiveness be advantageous to assess who were Icebreaker’s nucleus customers in 2001, in 2006, and who they conciliate be in 2011.) What is the “the least” notification Moon needs to gain a firmness?  How can he get that notification? What has made Icebreaker fortunate in the late? What conciliate gain Icebreaker fortunate in the coming? These responses should exhibit the symbolical that is presented in the plight, in the readings, and the opinions of the ward when expend.  Briefs should be scant to three pages. should be from the extract barely.