I need help with my argument essay. Need it at midnight. Today!!!!!

I insufficiency this essay today by midnight.  For this essay, I would enjoy you to cull one of the subject-matters from the elimination Nursing essay responsive that  you are not agreement about in your elimination Nursing essay, and pur-pose and compile an subject-matter that takes a  stand on the subject-matter.  Here are the three subject-matters from the elimination Nursing essay responsive: • Underage criminals mature as adults This can be as comfortable as arguing for underage criminals nature mature as adults, or arguing despite it.  Guidelines: • Develop an subject-matter on this subject-matter: assertion, reasons, counterargument, rebuttal. • Develop a vigorous and lucid topic assertion: brief lucid qualifier + vigorous lucid copy +  robust rationale = vigorous topic assertion. • Use one academic and one favorite spring to food your subject-matter. • Food your essay delay at smallest 3 in-text citations in the conceive of repeats from at the two  sources you cull. Make fast to conceiveat your repeats according to MLA standards and  place in the stipulation according to the repeat sandwich. • Your essay must be 4-5 pages. Do not exceed 6 pages. • You must conceive a Works Cited page at the end of your essay. Your Works Cited page  cannot be counted as your fourth page. • You must unite to all MLA guidelines for this essay. • You cannot use the separate pronouns (I, I’m, me, we, us) in your essay ate in the  introduction and the disposal. • Your last drain of this assignment must be uploaded to Turnitin.com. • This assignment is 15% of your walk and desert 100 points