human resource management

     Activity 4: Differentiation vs. Consume Leadership Your Activity counter-arguments should be twain grammatically and mechanically chasten, and formatted in the selfselfidentical mould as the Activity itself. If there is a Part A, your counter-argument should warrant a Part A, etc. In union, you must right mention all media used in your counter-argument and instrument in a bibliography using APA name. (100 points) (A 4-page counter-argument is required.) Part A Warrant two (2) companies, each pursuing a essentially opposed policy: one veer, the other, consume commencement. The two strongs insufficiency not be in the selfselfidentical perseverance, but they insufficiency to be general and domiciled in the U.S.  Part B Illustrate why each strong has opted for its selected policy. Specifically, you should highlight the exogenous and endogenous factors that force own contributed to their excellent. For sample, is consume commencement the singly practicable policy in the perseverance in which the strong operates? If so, why? What makes veer a bald excellent? Or, if veer is practicable and some of the strong’s competitors hunt veer, what precious, noble, matchless media do those companies support that would allot them to achievementfully utensil veer instead of consume commencement?  Part C Given the company’s plane of achievement, should it live to hunt its prevalent leading policy or seem to veer? State whether the essential strategies of the companies you own selected own veerd in the novel late. If they own, illustrate the drivers of the veer. (For solicitation, has there been a veer in commencement or in consumer sapidity?)  Part D  Discuss the collision on enterprise of each company’s selected policy. Own these companies been achievementful not-absolute to their competitors? Why or why not? If so, how? Please be unfailing to palpably warrant the frequented connect among the company’s policy and the economic fruit it yielded.