Human Resource Management 2 part assignment (Read Carefully) Compensation and Benefits

  Assignment 5: Employee Wages and Benefits Due Week 10 and excellence 250 points This assignment consists of two (2) exceptions: a truth and a PowerPoint exhibition. You must succumb two (2) exceptions for the completion of this assignment. Label each smooth spectry according to the exception of the assignment it is written for. Note: For joined counsel on how to succumb past than one smooth for an assignment, ensue the instructions in the muniment “How to Succumb Multiple Files for an Assignment”, located close. Imagine that you own equitable been paid by a new union as the guide of the HR office. You own been tasked to engage a new secretary for the office and to disclose an employee wages and benefits load that accomplish be used for that standing upon engage. Disclose a PowerPoint exhibition to give this counsel to your Vice President. Go to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ (BLS) Website, located at, for counsel in-reference-to forms and pay in your geographical area.   Section 1: NarrativeWrite a two  page pamphlet in which you: Choose the likeness of form for which you are crafty the load. Develop an employee wages and benefits load for this new standing. Support your ideas for the wages/benefits load. Use at last three (3) peculiarity academic instrument in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and other Websites do not restrict as academic instrument. Section 1 of your assignment must ensue these formatting requirements: Be likenessd, embrace spaced, using Times New Roman font (extent 12), delay one-inch margins on all sides; citations and relations must ensue APA or school-restricted format. Check delay your bigot for any joined instructions. Include a protect page containing the designate of the assignment, the student’s spectry, the bigot’s spectry, the direction designate, and the end. The protect page and the relation page are not included in the required assignment page tediousness. Section 2: PresentationCreate a twenty (20) slide PowerPoint exhibition in which you:4. Furnish an overinspection of the employee wages and benefits load that you discloseed in the truth division of this assignment.5. Determine if the employee accomplish be unamenable or nonunamenable and debate how overtime accomplish be handled.6. Suggest other benefits that effectiveness be considered delayin the instant few months to emend employee deed and furnish job motivation.7. Furnish counsel on how legislation regulations accomplish bias the wages.8. Examine postulates from two (2) forms listed in the BLS Website delay loads harmonious to yours, focusing on allowance, wages, and benefits in arrange to indoctrinate surpassing skillful-treatment that your load should be veritable and implemented.9. Describe how the competitive wages and benefits load accomplish align delay the HRM management. The restricted direction lore outcomes associated delay this assignment are: Design grafting and disclosement systems to emend employee deed. Develop competitive wages and benefits loads that align delay HRM management. Use technology and counsel instrument to examination issues in strategic rational means disclosement.  Write plainly and concisely environing strategic rational means disclosement using peculiar congeniality mechanics. Click close to inspection the grading rubric for this assignment.