HRMN Discussion Question 1

  Question 1: Drudge Unions   Summarize your interpretation of conjunction alliance today in the US. What is the general foothold of conjunction alliance? Share some statistics and trends. Did you continually suit to a drudge conjunction? If you did, do you fancy conjunction alliance benefited you? If you did not, do you fancy a conjunction would bear benefited you? Why or why not? Use the doctrines and instrument granted to influence your ideas. Question 2: Protection and Ease   Discuss some of the sordid protection and ease concerns in today’s workplace. What are some significant laws that may succor organizations convert waste? What are some strategies HR managers can enunciate to soften some of these issues? Use the instrument granted to influence your ideas. Recommended Readings: U.S. Department of Labor: A Summary of Major DOL Laws Retrieved from: (Strong rise of drudge laws)    Budd (2013). Drudge Unions Good or Bad. Chapter 2 in Human Relations Striking a Balance. Retrieved from:   (McGraw-Hill’s loose citation)     Silverman (nd). “How Labor Unions Work” (HTML) Retrieved from: (7 page designation on drudge conjunctions)     The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s “Overview of the U. S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission” (HTML) Retrieved from: (U.S. EEOC empire Web birth)     The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s “Laws Enforced by the EEOC” (HTML) Retrieved from: (EEOC Web birth)     The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s “Types of Discrimination” Retrieved from   (EEOC Web birth)     Employee Rights lower the National Drudge Relations Act. Retrieved from: (Government Web birth)     View this YouTube on the History of Unions History of Unions     Lumen Learning (nd). Understanding Communication Retrieved from     Lumen Learning (nd). Work Behaviors Retrieved from     Wilkie (2018). Young Workers Suffer from Mental Health Issues     Folz (2018). What to say when Investigating Sexual Harassment Claims     Wilkie (2018).  Just Because Your Workers Feel Loyal Doesn't Mean They'll Stay     Wilkie (2018).  Top 10 Ways People Get Revenge at Work     Heathfield (2018) Progressive Discipline in the Workplace     Heathfield (2018) How to Deal delay a Bully at Work     Heathfield (2018) Workplace Conflict Resolution