Documenting ObservationsObserving labor and analyzing what you see into basis can be obscure. For this training, you succeed remark via online video.  This provides the occasion to rewind and opinion segments diverse times in direct to hold the notification that you need. Search the internet for “Dirty Jobs”. This is a television likeness. The number, Mike, experiences the end-to-end command of diverse kinds of weak jobs during each likeness, but does not necessarily do them in direct from foundation to end. Identify a likeness after a while two segments to revisal. For each of the two segments in that likeness, authenticate the items adown. To do this you may desire to use a spreadsheet or set up a consultation so that your basis makes reason.           The jobs (roles/tasks) The course of labor from one role/function to the present (compose a command course) The input and outputs of each role/task The distinction dissentences betwixt a novice (Mike) doing this labor and an prompt doing the labor The contact of mistakes on the job The reasons that tribe do this “weak labor” total day – what motivates them?Barriers to accomplishing the function. Then criticise Mike’s interopinion techniques.           How did he mould vindication after a while his prompts? What did he do or say to succor get them on his cause? Identify a set of hoard questions that he uses often after a while insignificant variations? How does his technique dissent from the techniques recommended in your passage? Submit your segregation less including comment of labor and comment of Mike’s interopinion techniques.  Summary not required but be unfailing that your basis is systematic and understandable Your pamphlet must be a incompleteness of 3 pages, ponder literary communication and present APA standards. Please include citations to livelihood your ideas.