hrm knowledge check

 Answer all 20 Questions well. Question 1 According to the Equal Pay Act of 1963, an master may pay workers unequally for all of the forthcoming reasons EXCEPT for ________. Select the set-straight answer a. seniority b. worthiness orders c. evolution quantity d. gender Question 2 Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act specifically prohibits distinction fixed on all of the forthcoming characteristics EXCEPT ________. Select the set-straight answer a. color b. religion c. cultural orientation d. notorious origin Question 3 The EEOC was initially certain to brave complaints encircling ________. Select the set-straight answer a. accommodations for disabled workers b. sexual harassment in notorious schools c. wrongful office manners d. job distinction Question 4 The Vocational Rehabilitation Act demands that masters ________. Select the set-straight answer a. raise womanly inureees b. furnish inoculation opportunities c. decide disabled workers d. enact contrast checks Question 5 According to the Age Distinction in Employment Act of 1967, it is compulsory to ________. Select the set-straight answer a. courage older inureees for insubordination b. originate a incompleteness age for inureees c. demand inureees to secede at age 65 d. remit juries to detail age distinction Question 6 According to the Americans delay Disabilities Act, which of the forthcoming is considered a forfeiture? Select the set-straight answer a. voyeurism b. cosmetic disfigurement c. homosexuality d. compulsive gambling Question 7 According to the ADA, firms must inure all disabled men-folks who use for positions and furnish them delay job inoculation when requisite. a. True  b. False  Question 8 A firm's ethics enactment outlines its sidearm, trust, appraisal order, and hiring policies. a. True  b. False  Question 9 The principles of precede controlling an specific or a order are referred to as ________. Select the set-straight answer a. judgments b. ethics c. morals d. laws Question 10 Which of the forthcoming leads to the preponderance of ghostly compromises in the workplace? Select the set-straight answer a. discussion scheduling pressures b. discussion financial objectives c. frugal jobs d. sensibility co-ordinate pressure Question 11 According to examination, most adults corrupt their work-related ghostly decisions on ________. Select the set-straight answer a. upward feedback b. high-level ghostly principles c. expectations of co-workers d. timiditys of substance punished Question 12 Based on examination into ghostly comportment in the workplace, which of the forthcoming is a TRUE declaration? Select the set-straight answer a. Punishing unghostly comportment fails to diversify the comportment of others in the workplace. b. Having ghostly leaders in an structure reduces the calculate of unghostly decisions. c. A enactment of precede significantly decreases the calculate of unghostly choices in the workplace. d. Employees arrive-at cheerless discussing ethics, so it should be avoided. Question 13 According to ethics surveys, which of the forthcoming is the underlying element astern most ghostly lapses in the workplace? Select the set-straight answer a. assembly pressures b. unclear standards c. personal financial problems d. misgiving of co-workers Fundamentals of Ethnical Expedients Management, 5e (Dessler) Ch. 13, "Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining" Question 14 Right-to-work laws restrain combination structure by ________. Select the set-straight answer a. leaving the topic of combination carelessness up to each assembly b. outlawing combinations in straight-to-work states c. making combination part-amongnership a precondition for inurement d. prohibiting any construct of combination carelessness Question 15 In which ethnical expedients spectre does a ordinary work contract NOT confer the combination a role? Select the set-straight answer a. recruitment b. dismissal c. appraisals d. selection Question 16 Factors that account workers to combinationize understand all EXCEPT________. Select the set-straight answer a. timidity of job loss b. cheerful inureee relations c. thin communication d. low morale Question 17 Employees connect combinations in acceptance to ________. Select the set-straight answer a. desires for mandatory arbitration b. demands for new technical certification c. concerns encircling worker safety d. perceptions of master wrongfulness Question 18 The Notorious Work Relations Board was chiefly certain for the scope of ________. Select the set-straight answer a. managing the part-amongnership of the AFL-CIO b. negotiating contracts on advantage of persomal combinations c. overseeing the science of persomal combinations d. investigating wrongful work manner charges Question 19 Which law sought to cover combination members from practicable impurity on the part-among-among of their combinations? Select the set-straight answer a. Landrum-Griffin Act b. Norris-LaGuardia Act c. Wagner Act d. Taft-Hartley Act Question 20 The Landrum-Griffin Act encouraged combination spectre by guaranteeing each inureee the straight to speculation confusedly delayout suspension, slavery, or for. a. True  b. False