Topic #1:  LEARNING SYNTHESIS (25 Points) Create a tall plane analysis of the things that shining out for you aggravate each of the latest seven weeks.  Prepare a PowerPoint gift that shares these talllights after a while us. You must to-boot relate that PowerPoint gift so that you are in-fact powerful and showing us (i.e., training us) what you well-behaved-informed.  You may use software other than PowerPoint, granted it has the audio constituent as well-behaved-behaved as the visual concern that PowerPoint has. YOU CANNOT, HOWEVER, SAVE YOUR PRESENTATION IN GOOGLE DOCS – THESE FILES ARE UNACCESSIBLE AND WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Here are some media to acceleration you cunning your gift: Best Practices in PowerPoint Design Written Instructions for Narrating a PowerPoint Presentation Video Instructions for Adding Narration to Your PowerPoint Don't pretermit to embody citations and references