HR Roles Mind Map

This is a two-part assignment. Part 1: Identify lewd possible roles of anthropological resources representatives amid an structure.  Create a Impetus Map or infographic that summarizes 7 to 10 characteristics or responsibilities of those people. Part 2: Select one of the HR roles listed in your Impetus Map, and investigation possible job requirements.  Write one, 350 promise compute job patronymic of the HR roles or aspect that you possess separated. Click on the Assignment Files tab to propose your Impetus Map and job patronymic. APA Guidelines are to be followed.  This media to involve a intimation minority at the end of the assignment and involve in-text citations in your answers throughout the worksheet.  The APA format for in-text ciations is (author, determination of divulgation, page calculate). When agreement the job desription, sift-canvass how the role (position) you separated assists other departments amid an structure. Please yield a preview to the assignment and a misentry sift-canvassing the points you knowing from doing the investigation for the assignment.  These conquer be in specification to the job patronymic promise compute. Students possess created a consideration or chart in Microsoft® PowerPoint after a while the Microsoft® Promise instrument for the assignment. Students may do two instruments or embed them into one.  One would be the diagram and the other would be the job patronymics.     I possess too stable 2 internet links that present the limitation of a Impetus Map and examples of what they behold love.  They are; (definition) and (examples of what they behold love).