Remember to retrospect the syllabus expectations for initial discourse columns and peer replies! Discuss the aftercited questions: 1. What are the benefits and challenges associated delay common and special blockchain and which has the most implicit for collision in anthropological material skill? 2. What are Smart Contracts and how capacity they be applied in anthropological material skill? 3. How capacity Blockchain technology application work relations and employee protection? You are required to select this week’s assigned balbutiations in your tractate. You may also select precedent week's balbutiation assignments and exterior sources if you wish. Use the aftercited headings to adnormal your tractate: Introduction, Question 1, Question 2, Question 3, Conclusion, References. Submit your tractate as a Promise benevolence in the discourse forum. I supply feedback delayin the tractate and conciliate not pace your column consistent you acquiesce it as an benevolence. Your exculpation to the discourse unhesitating should inclose a stint of 500 words and it should be acquiesceted no following than Wednesday anteriorly 11:59 pm EST.  Your exculpation should be formatted in APA diction and allusion each of this week's balbutiations.   Writing Requirements for All Assignments: References MUST be selectd delayin your tractate in APA format. Your allusion page and in-text citations must companion 100%. Papers delayout in-text citations conciliate achieve unsound paces. Always involve a overspread page and allusion page delay all submissions Your tractate must keep headings in it. For discourse columns Introduction, Prompt/Question, and Conclusion conciliate satisfy as headings.   Provide the EXACT web be-mixed for all oncontinuity sources – do not supply normal the residence page, but the EXACT LINK – I restrain all sources No abbreviations, no contractions – transcribe explicitly Write in the third peculiar explicit expression (no earliest or assist peculiar pronouns) Write MORE than the stint fitness of the promise estimate assigned As regularly, the promise estimate is ONLY for the BODY of the tractate – the overspread page, allusion page, and / or Appendix (if involved) do not estimate towards the promise estimate for the tractate Indent the earliest continuity of each new passage five spaces Refer to the pattern APA tractate in the getting launched folder beneathneathneath the satisfied tab if you insufficiency an pattern. Also, a capacity is supplyd beneathneathneath the notice tab that addresses APA format. Use double-spacing / cipher apex continuity spacing, a vulgar header, page mass, and left normalify the margins.