How Does ICT Enhance Teaching and Learning?

Fitria Rahmawati, S. Pd. Sanata Dharma University 2010 ABSTRACT This Nursing Dissertation presents a designed technique that the eliminatemasters can implement in arrange to advance disciples’ motivation in letter. The technique is by the integration of letter aptitudes after a while a unprotected implement notorious as Notice - Message Technology (ICT). The character of ICT supplys an conceptional frametoil for conversation erudition, departed its deep existence is notice and its scope is message.ICT supplys a sign determined tidings-processing which enables the disciples to transcribe and re-examine their compositions conducively and prolificly. Furthermore, ICT along-for after a while the advent to internet as-polite allows the disciples to be unprotected to infinite extensive-multiplicity of sources which are innate to lay-open ideas in letter. Thus, the integration of the three ICT components designately notice, message and technology in a exotic conversation letter classroom is advantageous to correct the disciples’ motivation to transcribe. Keywords: Motivation, Information-Communication Technology, Word-Processing, Internet. INTRODUCTIONTshort has been a secure apprehension that letter can be very challenging for disciples of English as a Exotic Conversation (EFL) as they must overpower the idiosyncratic challenges associated in letter such as generating ideas, brains structure, plain and orthographical scholarship in arrange to lay-open the aptitudes defective for a polite-developed, close and sticky letter. Furthermore, the most despicefficacious bearing that confronts eliminatemasters of a letter class does not lie so abundantly on what to ask disciples to transcribe encircling, the awkwardness is rather on how to motivate the disciples to transcribe sensational and conducive enactatives.By the preface of notice - message technology (ICT) into the exotic conversation-letter classroom and advent to the internet, the disciples feel been supposing after a while infinite sources of notice in the make of readable, accepted enactatives that harangue a extensive multiplicity of themes which are innate for the conversation lay-openment. By this extensive multiplicity of themes, the disciples are departed motivated in stipulations of lay-opening ideas to transcribe. Therefore, the implementation of notice - message technology is an conceptional instrument to advance the disciples’ motivation in letter. DISCUSSIONThe standpoint substance discussed in this limited Nursing Dissertation is motivation in a conversation-erudition composition, to be lineament, in a exotic-conversation letter classroom. Tough so, tshort is as-polite another suggestive mutefficacious discussed short that can carry to motivation, designately: Information-Communication Technology (ICT). The engagement ICT refers to the use of twain technology in public and its signs including tidings-processing and internet in lineament. Theory of Motivation ‘Motivation is relish subsistence for the brain’. (Peter Davies) The engagement motivation is regularly used twain in questionive and enjoinal compositions.Many limitations feel been dedicated to motivation. In public, the engagement motivation is watchful after a while the systemes that enact why and how civilized comportment is activated and straightforwarded. Motivation is defined as an inside drive that activates comportment and gives it control (Keller, 1987). Motivation is as-polite defined as the spirit to invent and deeptain intentions and motive-seeking acts (Dornyei, 1998). Furthermore, according to Webster's, to motivate instrument to supply after a while a prompting, a scarcity or covet that causes a peculiar to act achieving a motive.To sum up, motivation is certaintyors which originate, straightforward, and deeptain one’s activities to close incontrovertible motives. Motivation in a Language-Learning Composition ‘Without penetrating wshort the roots of motivation lie, how can eliminatemasters imdissect those roots? ’ (Oxford ; Shearin, 1994) Though tshort is no one upright limitation for motivation, frequent discoveryers observe motivation as one of the key certaintyors that bias the scold and prosperity of raise or exotic conversation (L2) erudition. This is in row after a while Gardner and MacIntyre (1993) as cited in Graham (1997) that motivation is 'a convenient redeemer in the forebodement of conversation closement’.The most supported infer is consequently motivation determines the quantity of locomotive, idiosyncratic involvement in the L2 erudition (Oxford & Shearin, 1994). In other discourse, it determines the quantity of the disciple's locomotive involvement and posture inland the conversation erudition. Furthermore, as disposely by Dornyei (1998) motivation supplys the original spirit to originate erudition the L2 and posterior the driving soundness to deeptain the long-for and frequently dreary erudition system. Thus, publicly telling and chiefly in the milieu of the instruct, motivation is principal.In such surroundings, erudition is most meaningful, flying, and delicious when the disciple sees that what is substance literary is suggestive to him, beyond him donation, and succors him to avenue a motive which seems to him momentous. In arrange to advance disciples’ motivation in the erudition system, a eliminatemaster, incontrovertiblely, scarcitys to discern the sources which can trigger motivation. In public, explanations concerning the sources of motivation can be categorized as either ascititious (externally the peculiar) or true (inside to the peculiar).The primary is ascititious motivation. Ascititious motivation refers to motivation that comes from after a whileout of the peculiar. Despicefficacious ascititious motivations are for entreaty, recompenses relish currency, cheerful degrees and as-polite denunciation of forfeiture. While true motivation is a motivation which is extraneous from a reliefficacious cause or covet to gather on the dissect of the disciple (Gardner ; Tremblay, 1994). The deep separation betwixt true and ascititious motivation is the motives of the disciples. After a while true motivation, the disciple studies question enactative for the cause of erudition.These disciples ascertain that erudition is agreeefficacious and erudition new ideas as a recompense itself. Extrinsically motivated disciples examine for the cause of after a whileout biass such as getting eliminateconquer and equal honor, acquiring a cheerful degree or some other emblem of auxiliaries that a eliminateconquer or equal undevelopedity extend. Another separation that is price announcementing is that discovery pretences that trueally motivated disciples gather departed than ascititiousally motivated disciples. This could be due to the certainty that trueally motivated disciples are as-polite ascititiousally motivated. But on the other voice, ascititiousally motivated disciples are infrequently plant to be trueally motivated. Furthermore, Wilson ; Corpus (2005) announcement ‘motivation is a suggestive predictor of academic good-fortune which carrys to the quittance that true motivation is a superior certaintyor in determining academic prosperity’. Therefore, if true motivation is advantageous to disciples’ erudition outcomes, it stands to infer that eliminatemasters should try to further and refashion the true motivation of disciples. Another monstrosity encircling motivation which is price discussing is the disciples’ comportments to be telling of motivation.Guilloteaux and Dornyei (2008) supply three mutables as the indicator of motivated disciples. The three mutables are care, dissecticipation, and volunteering for eliminatemaster-fronted zeal. The primary disciples’ comportment indicating motivation is care which involves a public promptness to traffic after a while incoming stimuli and is air-tight allied to the disciples’ affective of motivational aver. Guilloteaux and Dornyei’s raise disciples’ motivated comportment is dissecticipation. The dissecticipation includes unwritten dissecticipation in the classroom and tight endeavor on the assignments dedicated.This is observeed to be conspicuous when the disciples are locomotively prelude dissect in classroom interactions or launched on assigned activities. The last comportment indicating motivated disciples is volunteering for eliminatemaster-fronted zeal. Guilloteaux and Dornyei (2008) bring-forward that ‘At smallest one third of the disciples are volunteering after a whileout the eliminateconquer having to wheedle them in any way’. In such footing, the disciples are observeed motivated in the erudition activities. Motivation in a Letter Class ‘Motivation is at the disposition of the erudition system. ’ (A. M. Jordan)Writing is one of the impure conversation aptitudes should be closed prosperityfully by a conversation disciple. Learners scarcity to conquer letter aptitude consequently of some infers. The primary and chief infer is consequently letter aptitude is regularly examined on the distinguished instruct last demonstration. Another infer is that the power to enact oneself polite is surely profitefficacious to get a job posterior on. Furthermore, for those who are desirous to enrol enjoin to tertiary equalize, letter cappower is prerequisite. However, frequent discoveryes are peaceful reporting that the disciples verge to feel illmatched sufficiency in letter consequently of distinct certaintyors.The primary certaintyor is the awkwardness trafficing after a while generating ideas. The disciples feel awkwardness in lay-opening their conception to transcribe polite unconfused, eloquent essays after a while conspicuous conversation. The contiguous certaintyor is the awkwardness in brains structure, plain and other letter signs. Furthermore, the most suggestive face is consequently the disciples are unmotivated on letter tasks. Motivating disciples is subordinately relish substance parents to a baby that has enslaved a primary tramp. A primary baby tramp brings after a while it claps and screams of joy plain though the tramp is not full. A assured reaction from parents allure get the baby to Nursing essay another tramp, reasonefficacious as a assured reaction from the eliminateconquer allure get disciples to go a tramp raise. Externally veritableizing it after a while each tramp the disciple allure fashion intrepidity. Once motivation has enslaved the disciple tramp by tramp inland distinguisheder closement and assertion, trepidation and insecurity allure feel been replaced after a while wantful intrepidity to Nursing essay letter. Therefore, the eliminateconquer scarcitys to dedicate some techniques which succor the disciples to be departed motivated in letter.The technique designed in this Nursing Dissertation is by the integration of letter aptitudes after a while unprotected implement determined Notice - Message Technology. Notice Message Technology The character of Notice - Message Technologies (ICT) supplys an conceptional frametoil for conversation erudition, departed its deep existence is notice and its scope is message. After a while the emerging new technologies, the education occupation is evolving from an gist on eliminatemaster-centred, lecture-based command to disciples-centred, interlocomotive erudition environments. The disciples modify from unresisting into locomotive dissecticipants.As enjoinal technologies propel the classroom inland a disciples-centered standard, the role of the eliminateconquer behoves a coach or facilitator. By this changing role, the disciples behove departed motivated to co-operate themselves in the classroom interactions. Tshort feel been distinct programs or impressions conducive in ICT supported the disciples’ letter lay-openment, including tidings systeming and internet. Tidings systeming is the pioneer impression of enjoinal technology used in letter command. Although it requires the conquery of basic keyboarding aptitudes, tidings systeming allows he disciples to transcribe and edit their toil departed largely. Differ from the makeer implement, emblem transcriber, tidings systeming expedite the disciples after a while an unconstrained, reckless and prolific way of letter and editing their toils. They don’t scarcity to do some emblem-x-ing or attenuate some sheets of Nursing Dissertation to edit their toils, rather reasonefficacious merely compel backspace or delete rush. This adroitness makes the disciples motivated to transcribe long-forer and ameliorate compositions. In conjunction, tidings-processing implements such as spelling checkers are conducive aids that correct the disposition of disciples’ letter.Research manifests that the disciples who are motivated launched after a while tidings-processing transcribe long-forer Nursing Dissertations, consume departed season letter and revising, and pretence correctd mechanics and tidings precious (Lehr, 1995). Another suggestive sign belongs to the ICT which is advantageous to correct the disciples’ motivation in letter is internet. The Internet, after a while the cleverness to be-mixed users throughout the globe, has as-polite been indiscriminately examined for its undeveloped to aid in the lay-openment of exotic conversation disciple’s aptitudes.The Internet has made frequent opportunities conducive to twain disciples and eliminatemasters that were not manageefficacious in the departed. For eliminatement, tshort are perpetual instrument conducive in the make of newspapers, magazines, government listings, grammars, dictionaries, newsgroups, key-pals, and mailing lists reasonefficacious to designate a few. In other discourse, after a while the emergence of the network, the Internet supplys a mammon of notice, enriches disciples’ scholarship, and as-polite advances the disciples’ thinking locomotiveness.Furthermore, terminations of a sum of studies manifest that the Internet is plant to embrace veritefficacious conversation in a meaningful composition (Warschaur ; Healey, 1998), and as a termination of viewing those enactatives, the disciples lay-open into creators of conversation rather than unresisting recipients. The public pretension of why internet is as an conducive instrument to correct the disciples’ motivation in letter is that the internet supplys the disciples after a while infinite sources of notice in the make of readable, accepted texts that harangue a extensive multiplicity of themes that are innate for lay-opening ideas in letter.In arrange to be efficacious to lay-open the ideas smoothly and conspicuously, the disciples scarcity some sources and notice as the elucidation scholarship on the theme substance discussed. By the availpower of the sources in the internet, the disciples behove motivated to transcribe as they feel expanded sources to lay-open the ideas in the letter system. Therefore, the integration of the three ICT components designately notice, message and technology in a exotic conversation letter classroom is advantageous to correct the disciples’ motivation to transcribe. In the unwritten conversation classroom, the letter zeal has been used deeply as a instrument of evaluating the disciples’ lexico-plain sufficiency, a technique for peculiarized impost, wshort the disciple is unblended, after a whileout advent to notice. While in the running Notice Society, technology supplys conducive and prolific facilities to transcribe and re-examine disciples’ compositions. Furthermore, it as-polite supplys advent to notice instrument which succor the disciples to lay-open ideas. CONCLUSIONAlthough letter in a exotic conversation can be a daunting experiment for disciples, the implementation of notice – message technology (ICT) after a whilein the exotic conversation letter classroom supplys matchless opportunities to aid the lay-openment of the disciples’ letter aptitude sufficiency. Two of the suggestive signs of ICT supported the letter aptitude lay-openment are tidings-processing and internet. Those signs are distinguished instrument to advance the disciples’ letter sufficiency for they assuredly bias the disciples’ motivation which co-operates to an overall important desirousness to transcribe (Kern, 1995).