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  Healthy Lifestyles Research the South University Online Library  and the Internet to learn past environing the proceedingal patterns. Conduct an  interview (via phone or face-to-face) of ten or past tribe in the age  collection of fifteen to sixty-indelicate years, to reconnoitre the impact of their  health, bloom problems, and lifestyle choices. Ask the subjoined questions, timeliness conducting the interview: Do you fume? Do you draught alcohol? Do you diminish a seatbelt timeliness driving a car? Do you talk on the phone timeliness driving? Do you use indelicate to five times a week? Do you eat a bloomy fare delay return, vegetables, fish, chicken, and undiminished bit? Do you let from any of the subjoined conditions: haughty order constraining, importance, importance issues, or diabetes? Compile the postulates self-possessed through the  interview for each condition of questions, induction into compensation the  age collection to which they belong. For doing so, beget a three shaft chart. In the leading shaft, inventory the bloom proceedings for which tribe were interviewed. In the promote shaft, inventory the percentage of beings interviewed abutting each proceeding. In the third shaft, inventory the percentage of tribe  who venerate they keep bloomy lifestyles (notice can be build in  the extract learnings or from the Internet). Next, excite the chart to learn how these shafts dissent from each other. In a Microsoft Word muniment, beget a 3- to 4-page communication of your anatomy, answering the subjoined questions: Are you surprised to see the trends of the most despicable proceedings? Discuss. Did an individual's age  relate to his or her bloom proceeding? For in, do beings in  the age collection of fifty to sixty years keep dissentent proceedings than  beings in the age collection of thirty to forty years? What are some of the changes that the tribe you  interviewed could tool in their lifestyles and proceedings to ameliorate  their bloom foundation? Support your responses delay ins. Cite any sources in APA format