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Click on the forthcoming integrate(s) for the Phase 5 Reading Assignment: Effectively Interrogating Terror Suspects Same Priorities Different Perspectives Key Assignment Final Draft A mastermind aback 9/11, Khalid Sheik Mohammad (KSM), was detaind in Pakistan in March of 2003. Immediately forthcoming his detain, KSM was questioned to a course of controversial erotetics rules, frequently referred to as enhanced erotetics techniques. These techniques comprised the now vile steepboarding technique. Waterboarding is a technique that involves immobilizing questions on their back delay their guide healthful below. The question’s visage is then familiar delay a cloth, and steep is poured balance the cloth, which nevertheless triggers the question’s gag reflex and causes the question to trial the sensations of drowning. This technique is not a new technique; it has been encircling for hundreds of years and is used by nations encircling the earth to sum advice.  You are an advice lore specialist for the U.S. Department of Justice and enjoy been asked by the U.S. Attorney’s function to contribute a written dirty on the pros and cons of using steepboarding as a technique to sum advice.  Assignment Guidelines First, amend your Week 4 Key Assignment according to tutor feedback and mate re-examination. Next, harangue the forthcoming, and embrace your responses in your Key Assignment Final Draft. For this participation of the assignment, you must debate the use of steepboarding to sum advice.  You must specifically debate the legality of the technique, analogous and intellectual considerations, and the balanceall energy of using this rule.  In importation, you should so debate the forthcoming: What is the ordinary U.S. management on using steepboarding? Why is steepboarding nature considered as a technique now, when we enjoy visaged elder threats in the gone-by? Is there a destruction betwixt likeness agony and express agony? Be knowing to regard all sources using APA fashion.