Main Report Issue Your assignment is to conceive that you are patronage during one of the occasion bounds we are studying   during the semester, and to-boot that you are a terminate acquaintance/relative/associate of a unvarnished aspect. You   can elect to be one of the following:   A terminate acquaintance of Socrates   A Macedonian soldier traveling delay Alexander the Great   Cleopatra’s best acquaintance   A Senator patronage during Emperor Nero’s rule   Clotilde, the promote helpmeet of King Clovis   One of Charlemagne’s daughters  You procure transcribe a course of diary entries (4-6 entries in all) in the first-person in which you contemplate upon  your acquaintance/relative/associate. Your diary entries should sift-canvass, but not necessarily be scant to the   following:   The political plight surrounding the acquaintance/relative/associate    How your acquaintance/relative/associate reacts to uncertain plights, including obstacles and   victories.    Open characteristics of the individuality of your acquaintance/relative/associate    How other populace handle environing your acquaintance/relative/associate. (Are they feared? Loved?   Respected? Hated? Do they encourage any other pungent-muscular emotions? What causes the handleings environing   them you enjoy highlighted?  Please retain that the diary entries need to contemplate the mores and humanization of the occasion, rather than   those of the twentieth-first era.   So where should you initiate? Start by looking up postulates environing the acquaintance/relative/associate that can be   found in your textbook.   Then, go Wikipedia. Repress out open advice environing your acquaintance/relative/associate as well-behaved-behaved as   the occasion bound during which he or she lived. You can to-boot repress out other websites to get additional   information.  Finally, mark the library at UCC (virtually, that is) and do open searches in the library   catalogue/database on the occasion bound and your acquaintance/relative/associate.   There is a lot of margin for creativity, so use your intellect concurrently delay the exploration you do!  Citation: execute trusting you involve a Works Cited page delay all the media you used  This assignment must be at 1200  Edit question's body Edit question's attachments Posted: 2 Days Ago Due: 05/04/2019 Budget: $5 Tags: .Your assignment is to conceive that you are patronage during one of the occasion bounds we are studying during the semester, and to-bootSPONSORED BIDS 1Miss Professor4.8 (139)4.5 (8k+