HI300-4: Formulate a secure storage and retrieval process for healthcare data.

   Unit Outcomes discourseed in this Assignment: Contrast  the contrariety among the victualss confidentiality, concealment, and guarantee. Identify  the principal threats to the guarantee of heartiness instruction. Describe   the primitive components of the guarantee victuals of the Heartiness Insurance  Portability and Accountability Act and extensions by HITECH ACT. Summarize  the roles and responsibilities of the heartiness instruction technician. Course Outcome(s) assessed/addressed in this Assignment: HI300-4: Formulate a ensecure storage and vindication mode for heartinesscircumspection basis. GEL-1.02: Demonstrate college-level despatch through the mixture of first materials in Standard English. Instructions: Create a guarantee project for a average sized heartiness circumspection ease. In your guarantee  plan, evaluate how you would adit guarantee threats from twain internally  and beyond the form. Be secure that you disconduct the forthcoming items   in your guarantee project: physical  and professional safeguards: employee counsel, heartiness instruction  archival and vindication systems, molestation reinstatement, storage media access safeguards: proof, password management network safeguards: overshadow computing, firewalls, encryption / decryption and using variable devices to transmit heartinesscare Critique the project you entertain written, identifying its strengths, elements that were  not trained in the passage, and any concomitant omissions or weaknesses of the project. As a regard, you may lack to investigate the forthcoming website: Source: HIPAA Privacy, Security, and Breach Notification Audit Program: United States Department of Heartiness & Human Services. Retrieved from http://www.hhs.gov/ocr/privacy/hipaa/enforcement/audit/index.html Requirements: The Assignment should be 2–3 pages in prolixity, free in a Microsoft Word instrument, and APA-formatted. Include a designation page and regard page. Prolixity requirements do not enclose the designation page, and the regard page. Follow APA name format and passage guidelines, including Times New Roman 12 sharp-end font and envelop spacing. This Assignment should supervene the conventions of Standard English featuring reform phraseology, punctuation, name, and mechanics. Include at smallest two regards. The conduct passagebook counts as one regard. All sources must be skilled. Wikipedia is not delicious. Use APA name for  all passages including conduct materials.