Here Are The Winners Of The Prestigious 6th Annual Entrepreneur India Awards 2016

Entrepreneur Resources recently unembarrassed the 6th Annual Convention for entrepreneurs and startups on 23rd-24th August at, Hotel Pullman, Aerocity, New Delhi. This two-day convocation saw some of the brightest minds of India – veterans and infantine ones resembling, sharing their experiment in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, so to drag watchfulness towards some of the best practices that they supervene, in direct to take the consumers' cause and get a fortunate occupation artfulness present smoothly. The convocation interjacent 5 unconnected summits, keynotes and panel argument, cremate talks, cast command, mentoring, and networking sessions aimed to yield participants tailored opportunities to compel some estimable experiment and found further a professional homogeneity after a suitableness other marks that could aid their ventures amplify. Within the Summit there were demo zones, experiential exhibitions, resources interaction immeasurableness and opportunities to converge after a suitableness assiduity fancy heads and mentors, as-polite Entrepreneur’ Startup Kickoff; a platcompel where startups can follow and cast their occupation artfulnesss to investors/ VC’s/accelerators. The episode so witnessed the 6th Annual Entrepreneur India Awards 2016, the most prestigious awards in the entrepreneurship province, where Entrepreneur Resources recognizes and felicitates achievers, innovators, and suppliers, who accept contributed significantly towards the fruit of entrepreneurship in India. Here is the catalogue of the winners (in no biased direct), who were felicitated for their unappropriated effect in the entrepreneurial ecosystem: Tech Startup of the Year - Sandeep Aggarwal, CEO and Founder, Droom Creating disintegration through technology and adding exalted compute to the online automobile buying experiment for our users, Sandeep Aggarwal was honoured by the Tech Startup of the Year Award. Aggarwal is an cherub investor, serial entrepreneur, philanthropist and Internet chimerical. He is the instituter of two trafficplaces in India, Droom, an automobile trafficplace and ShopClues, the largest managed trafficplace and is so CEO of the preceding. In April 2014, Aggarwal agoing Droom, which is a altogether disruptive occupation that is creating unparallel charge and pricing practice for buyers. Prior to Droom, Aggarwal founded in California in slow 2010 and moved to India to embark it as, India’s original managed trafficplace, to warrant 15 darling SME sellers and unstructured categories e.g. figure, residence/kitchen etc. online. Sandeep founded ShopClues in an era when all the other eCommerce companies in India were inventory-led models. Home or Craft - naturalized Startup- Sonal Gupta and. Rajarshi Guha, Co-founders, Navrang, Colours of India Sonal, entity a original origination entrepreneur  Co-founded Navrang, a startup conceived to originate awareness about the absorbly handloom refinement of India and recreate the lost brightness of Indian handloom, thereby, professioncasing the mysterious creations made by the faceless weavers and artisans of our empire who are insensible of the developed value of their fruits, chiefly in a trafficplace cluttered after a suitableness concretion done replicas. Digital/Online Start-up- Ashish Sirohi, Director, Eduwizards Infosolutions Secret Limited This platcompel employs cutting-edge technologies and is on trace to entity the residence tuitions and online tuitions head in India, as polite as, the app-naturalized online tutoring head in twain India and USA. Emerging Startup- Jayaa Singh and Pradeep Singh, Co-founding Directors, Salokaya Healthcare Jayaa and Pradeep Singh’s Salokaya is a medical residence subscription you genuine, broad and clinically gauge vigorcare utilitys and counsel. Mobiity Start up of the Year- Satyajeet Mohanty and Ronak Kumar Samantray, Co-founders, Bolt Auto Technologies Secret Limited Satyajeet Mohanty and Ronak Kumar Samantray co-founded Bolt Auto Technologies Secret Limited after a suitableness the aim to found technology that impacts lives and to yield it a compel that gets largely adopted in the traffic. Logistics/Fulfilment Startup of the Year- Dhruvil Sanghvi, CEO, LogiNext Solutions Secret Limited A blameless integration of technology, logistics and postulates analytics, LogiNext is a logistics utility optimizer that leverages the jurisdiction of Big Postulates and Postulates analytics to mend the achievement of the provide fastening and logistics functions counter unanalogous segments. Their pith on the Internet of Things, Big Postulates and Automation enhances operations by allowing occupationes to trace their shipments in developed-time and minimize losses occurring due to lofty logistics absorb and operational uncertainties. It so serves as LogiNext’s USP. Energy Start -up of the Year- Sachin G Jain, Co-instituter and CEO, Oriano Pure Zeal Secret Limited       Founded in 2015, Oriano Light food pure light jurisdiction to corporates and industries suitableness helping them in reducing their zeal bills. This in round aids corporates to adopt pure zeal. Till now Oriano has based light projects at further than 25 customer sites in 6 states and is installing balance 40 MW of light projects. Young Entrepreneur of the Year - Deepak Sahni, Instituter and CEO, A wilful taught serial entrepreneur who loves disintegration for cheerful and has animation for Healthcare and Food Industry. grant to be India’s largest sign and Wellness Company. Social Entrepreneur of the Year- Deep Bajaj, Instituter and Director, Original Step Digital Secret Limited (PeeBuddy)       A fruit reversal collective association, their uncommon near hygiene fruits explain army issues faced by Women. Using their solutions balance 90 darling women in India achieve reach warranted Creative Entrepreneur of the Year - Sachin Bhatia, CEO, TrulyMadly It's 10% Luck, 20% Skill, 15% Concentrated jurisdiction of Will, 5% Pleasure, 50% asceticism and a 100% conclude to recall the indicate. Describes me, the mark and our organisation, says Sachin Bhatia. Dynamic Entrepreneur of the Year ( Occupation Transformation )- Rohit M.A, Co-instituter and Managing Director, Cloudnine Order of Hospitals To be the skin of head in the immeasurableness of women and vigor that India has not witnessed yet, by providing premier temper vigorcare to women and children Acharya / Occupation Mentor of the Year- Parag Shah, Chief Mentor, MIDAS, Author, Antar Prerna an Entrepreneurs journey; Instituter Director and Preceding Chairman, FLAME University; Managing Director,Oxford Golf & Empire Club Started after a suitableness the progress in Entrepreneurship at MIDAS, Parag Shah’s MIDAS is the original Institute in India, which has integrated 4 crucibles of entrepreneurship viz. effectuation, fruit fruit and reversal, discriminating thinking and congeniality and incubation. Till now they accept tied up after a suitableness 8 incubation centres all balance the cosmos-people. Woman Entrepreneur of the Year- Radhika Ghai Aggarwal, Co-instituter and Chief Occupation Officer,           Radhika is the original Indian dowager instituter to penetrate into the prestigious echelons of the unicorn club. As a Co-instituter of ShopClues and the driving power astern its go-to-traffic initiatives, she has carefully nurtured the mark to compel it a house-hold indicate in less than 5 years. Entrepreneur of the Year- Dr. Rana Kapoor, Co-founder, Managing Director and CEO, Yes Bank       Being an entrepreneur gone 2003, Rana Kapoor is the man astern the Yes Bank, the fifth largest secret sector bank in India.  Under the headship of Kapoor, the bank has steadily evolved as the “Professionals’ Bank of India” after a suitableness pricey occupation and financial outcomes. Life Time Achievement Award- Radhe Shyam Agarwal, Co- instituter and Executive Chairman; Emami Listed in top 100 absorblyest Indian, R S Agarwal is known for founding Emami, a global order of association selected in the occupation of FMCG, paper, developed order, esculent oils, vigorcare and unite. He was so catalogueed by Forbes as having a net value of $1.43 billion in 2015. Apart from these, other awardees were, Hironmoy Gogoi, Instituter and CEO, MCH Technologies accepted Student Entrepreneur of the Year; Raman Bhatia, Managing Director, Servotech Jurisdiction Systems Secret Limited compel the epithet of Green Entrepreneur of the Year; Family Entrepreneur of the Year epithet goes to Sankar Sen, Chairman and Managing Director, Senco Gold Limited;  Serial Entrepreneur of the Year was yieldn to Bhavin Turakhia, CEO and Co-founder, Directi Secret Limited and Professional Entrepreneur of the Year was awarded to Subbiah PL, Managing Director, Colorful Creations. The profession witnessed the closeness of assiduity heads approve Sanjay Nath of Blume Venture Advisors Pvt. Ltd, Ravi Gururaj of NASSCOM Fruit Council, Priyank Kharge, Minister of State for IT & BT and Tourism, Government of Karnataka and Rajeev Chitrabhanu, CEO and Managing Director, JM Financial Services Ltd to indicate a few.