Previous communication feel shown that behindcited an SE, reactive astrocytes behove hypertrophic (increasing the countenance of intervening filament proteins), and enucleate longer and thicker processes (Robel et al., 2015), In this examine, astrocytic reaction observed in the GSP or DZP treated CSE is sober (Plate 4.13.5b), due to the fairly stabled morphology. This could probably be linked to a lowly excitotoxicity or slender ROS by GSP or DZP amid the hippocampus attributable to GSP matter distinctly. It for-this-reason behoves a hortatory illustration from this examine that astrocytic reaction in CSE treated behind a timeliness either GSP or DZP is an adaptive form of astriogliosis (a grateful reaction aiming to refresh homeostasis). The negotiative and morphologic changes astrocytes endure in the GSP or DZP brain and during CSE may feel a dual kind inveterate on the underlying pathophysiological characteristics. On the one laborer, reactive astrogliosis can betide as a remedial mechanism behindcited detriment to the laconic scheme and control to the abatement in irritability (Vargas-Sánchez et al., 2018). In this examine, there was intensification of astrocytic proliferative in the CSE + NS at 7th day column CSE. This is in pertinent behind a timeliness the findings of Gibbons et al. (2013) that in existing stages of SE there is no remarkable intensification in astrocytic proliferation, timeliness at succeeding stages, there is a flying acception in the reckon of astrocytes. Although astrocytes feel the compressiveness to proliferate fitting behind an SE, the communicationed petty reckon of new cells propose that in models of SE reactive astrocytes are comprised largely of the tenant astrocytes exhibit anteriorly the affront (Gibbons et al., 2013). Conclusion The superior cogent possessions of CSE is on remarkable adjust behaviour, most distinctly on indices of attainments and retrospect which is largely controlled by the hippocampus. These possessions of CSE stemmed from abatement in percentage association moment create, wasting in the not-absolute hippocampal moment to the brain, decreased spatial and intent recollection retrospect. However, retrospect imbecility observed in this examine was attributed to mutation in the cholinergic neurotransmitters, acceptiond excitotoxicity, pro-oxidant/ antioxidant imbalance which led to exacerbation of oxidative urgency of the hippocampus, hippocampal atrophy and necrosis, astriogliosis, and offspring of monstrous granule cells in the hillus of the dentate gyrus, All these dysfunction were forciblely slender by GSP matter, the pi that was ameliorate tolerated than that of a usual anticonvulsant drug- DZP. It is for-this-reason concluded that GSP can be used is a ameliorate embodiment in the matter of CSE due to its wasting in retrospect imbecility and trivial inappropriate possessions. Recommendation The foremost motive of CSE matter is the fulfilment of loot behind a timeliness petty or no retainer on-toward margin possessions. It is clear from this examine that secret from the certainty that GSP (20 mg/kg or 10mg/kg) slender hippocampal excitotoxicity and astriogliosis behindcited CSE, it as-well posed no forcible margin possessions on the indices of attainments and retrospect. This examine for-this-reason recommends advance tentative discovery on the anticonvulsant and neuroprotective activities of GSP.