Graduate Level Psychology Ethics Help

Please see devotion for questions! Problem:  Irina, a 13-year-old maiden of Arabic cultural legacy buttress in Boston, Massachusetts, was brought by her parents to a hospital pitch locality following an onslaught by a foreigner. Based on her injuries, the hospital staff reputed that the attacker had to-boot sexually onslaughted the maiden, but she and her parents refused medical evaluations for disturb. The extraction ordinary a referral to see Janet Matthews, a clinical psychologist specializing in maidish trauma. During their judicious convocation delay Dr. Matthews, the parents asked the psychologist not to sift-canvass any sexual aspects of the onslaught delay their daughter but to negotiate the subjective trauma from the onslaught in unconcealed. They told the psychologist that admitting a disturb had taken attribute would kind a brand on their daughter and establish her worthless to be married to men in their closely knit ethnic brotherhood. When asked in not-public, the maiden to-boot requested that sexual issues not be sift-canvassed for the identical discuss.