Goal Statement

  I currently product in Human Resources for 4 years I bear a Bachelors Grade in Human Services (Mercer Univ. earned in 2016) Pursuing a Masters in Human Services from Walden Univ Research habit from Mercer Univ. in 2016. Guidelines for Writing Your Voice to the Admissions Committee Directions:     The  subjoined  instructions  contain  notification  about  your  voice  to  the  Admissions Committee, which is a required part of your impression to be presented for retrospect.  Please convergence barely on the  notification  requested  about  you,  your  background,  and  your  advenient  goals.    You  are  strongly encouraged  to  carefully  proofread,  grammar  check,  and  spell  check  your  letter.    Overall  writing introduction and clarity are very great. Your Ample Name: You must apprehend your ample designate in your voice to the Admissions Committee. Grade and Specialization: You must explicitly designate the grade program and specialization in which you are employing to amid that program. Content: There are eight (8) individualitys pictorial underneath.  Please apprehend the subjoined notification when preparing your voice to the Admissions Committee.  While not required, we strongly allude-to that you createat your voice by style each individuality following a while the styles shown underneath.  Write your notification in provision create and do not use bullet createat amid the individualitys. •  Personal/Professional Goals o  Why are you assiduous in disequalize teach and what are your drawings following you accept your grade? o  What influenced you to cull the opportunity? o  Why are you assiduous in the program and specialization to which you are employing? *Please voice that your specific/professional goals should be in outoutline following a while the specialization to which you are employing. •  Academic Habit o  Describe your earlier underneathdisequalize and disequalize academic habit; if you do not bear the specialization contrast, you may shortness to interpret how you drawing to employ your preceding academic skills to your chosen specialization. o  You may apprehend any habits (rare product or elimination habit, con-over aboard, etc) that influenced your exquisite of disequalize program/specialization. o  Explain any inconsistencies in your academic annals.  If your GPA was not what you would bear vulgar, interpret any specific, natural or extraction avow that may bear adversely unsupposable your GPA.  •  Research Habit o  Address preceding elimination habit, indicative elimination papers/projects or other elimination acquirements in your opportunity.  If you do not bear any preceding elimination habit, you must designate no elimination habit underneathneath this individuality in a perfect judgment.  •  Work/Other Habit o  What  is  your  preceding  product  experience?  Include  any  volunteer  product  and/or  extracurricular activities that supply your line resolution.  If you do not bear any bearing habit, content  designate  that  in  this  section.    You  can  also  address  any  cultural  knowledge  or habits you may bear uncongenial that may meliorate furnish you for the opportunity.      LETTER TO THE ADMISSIONS COMMITTEE GUIDELINES OCTOBER 2019    •  Personal Qualities o  Include in this individuality specific qualities (e.g., interspecific skills, teamproduct skills, etc.) you enjoy that you price allure give to your victory in your opportunity and academic program.  •  Why Walden o  Indicate why Walden University would be a good-tempered-tempered competition for you and your advenient goals. o  What  assiduous  you  about  Walden  (this  could  apprehend  accreditation,  courses,  faculty, elimination, etc.)? o  Why are you assiduous in an onoutline program?  •  Reason(s) for Admissions Committee Retrospect   o  Address the deduce(s) why your rasp is life presented to the Admissions Committee for retrospect. o  For copy, if you bear a low GPA, avow the deduces for your low GPA or unsatisfactory academic work.  •  How allure you be victoryful? o  Address how you drawing to be victoryful at Walden if admitted