Genetics 303

   Genetics 303 Fourth exam—assume residence 2019 Answer on SEPARATE Nursing Dissertation, exhibition all performance, and be handy in the reporting of rejoinders. It is easier to trice if you try to keep the questions in posteriority. STAPLE YOUR RESULTS! 1. In a cosmical population, the genotype frequencies at one locus are 0.75 AA, 0.20 Aa, and 0.05 aa. What is the abundance of the A allele [f(A)] and a allele [f(a)] for the population? Are they in Hardy-Weinberg makeweight? (5 pts) 2. Calculate the compute of heterozygotes in a population delay p = 0.6 and q = 0.4 (at spell = 0). Subjoined 4 races of inbreeding inchoate siblings (F = 0.25) in a population of 650. (6 pts) 3. Cosmical albinism is an autosomal recessive line. Suppose that you confront a village in the Andes where 8/1000 of the population is albino. If the population bulk was 1600 and the population is in Hardy-Weinberg makeweight delay respect to this line, how multifarious beings are rely-oned to be carriers (heterozygotes)? (5pts) 4. A boatload of 400 Swedish tourists, all of whom permit the MM dignity cluster genotype, are marooned on Haldane Island, where they are met by an population of Islanders aggregateing 1000, all permiting dignity cluster NN genotype. In spell, the castaways befit integrated into Island intercourse. Assuming vague mating, no counterposition, no excerption (domiciled on dignity cluster), and no genetic direction, what would you rely-on the dignity cluster disposal to be inchoate 320 descendants of the new Haldane Island population? (5 pts) 5. You warrant a population of mice (Peromyscus maniculatus) on an island. Their cintensity hue is inferior by a single gene: BB mice are ebon, Bb mice are white, and bb mice are colorless. You assume a census of the population and record the subjoined computes of mice: Black 1156 Gray 408 White 36 (a) What are the frequencies of the two alleles? (4 pts) (b) What are the Hardy-Weinberg makeweight frequencies for these three phenotypes? (4 pts) (c) A intensity brandish hits the island. All mice delay ebon fur die from intensity clap, but the other mice outlast. What are the new allele frequencies for the population? (4 pts) (d) If the population suffers no exalt cataclysms subjoined the intensity brandish, and the present animals resembling vaguely, what accomplish be the abundance of mice delay ebon fur in the next race? (4 pts) (e) If the cliresembling is altered permanently, so that mice delay ebon fur die anteriorly reproducing, which subjoined announcement is correct? (5 pts) (1) At Hardy-Weinberg makeweight, f(B) accomplish resembling 0.135. (2) The harmony of mice delay white fur (ωBb) must be resembling to 0.5. (3) The harmony of mice delay ebon fur (ωBB) is 0. (4) The B allele accomplish decline from the population in one race. (5) The B allele accomplish decline from the population in two races. 6. Which of the subjoined are requirements for separation by normal excerption? Explain your rejoinder. (8 pts) I Environmental change II Differential fife and reproduction III Heritability of phenotypic diversity IV Diversity in phenotype V Sexual reproduction A) II, III, V B) II, III, IV C) I, II, IV D) III, IV, V E) II, IV, V 7. Which of the subjoined processes is the fount of genetic diversity delayin populations? (8 pts) A) Reproductive Isolation B) Mutation C) Selection D) Asexual reproduction E) Genetic direction Explain your rejoinder including a denomination of the impression of each on genetic diversity. 8. If the population (17,377 in 2018) of folks in Perry, GA, had an f(a) = 0.2 and folks in Valdosta, GA, has a f(a) = 0.6, then how multifarious mass from Valdosta, GA, would entertain to move to Perry to acception the population to approximately f(a) = 0.3? (5 pts, bear-in-mind, you can’t entertain fractional mass) 9. What is the Ne of a population delay the subjoined annual censuses, [note: the decline in bulk due to 2010 and 2011 being extreme dryness years]? (5 pts) 2008: 9730 2009: 8810 2010: 3653 2011: 420 2012: 94 2013: 1560 2014: 5650 2015: 8700 2016: 9700 2017: 12110 2018: 15060 2019: 30789 10. Consider the subjoined populations that entertain the genotypes exhibitionn in the subjoined table: Population AA Aa aa 1 1.0 0.0 0.0 2 0.0 1.0 0.0 3 0.25 0.50 0.25 4 0.25 0.25 0.50 5 0.333 0.333 0.333 6 0.0225 0.255 0.7225 7 0.5929 0.3542 0.0529 8 0.9604 0.0392 0.0004 a. What are p and q for each population? (4 pts) b. Which of the populations are in Hardy-Weinberg makeweight? (4 pts) c. Populations 1 and 2 entertain a tree decline opposite their islands so that beings can wayward. If resembling computes of the beings arise on each island, what is the new population’s allele frequencies and genotype frequencies subjoined one race of vague mating? (6 pts) d. In population 3, the a allele is near fit than the A allele, and the A allele is partially dominant. The result is that AA is accurately fit (= 1.0), Aa has a harmony of 0.8, and aa has a harmony of 0.6. Delay no counterposition or migration, graph the allele abundance of the a allele subjoined 10 races underneathneath excerption (e.g., Spell 0 = q above, Spell 1 = earliest race subjoined excerption) (8 pts) e. In population 8, the population bulk gets radically feeble to 50 beings, aggregate. What is the most likely fate of the “a” allele, and what genetic truth would manage you to respect that the fact? (4 pts) 11. You convert a straight interest of DNA delay two limitation enzymes, BamH1 & Sma1, and get the subjoined bulkd fragments (in kb [kilobases]) (10 pts): BamH1 Xho1 BamH1 & Xho1 10 kb 12 kb 8 kb 6 kb 8 kb 6 kb 4 kb 4 kb 2 kb Draw the misspend limitation bit map domiciled on this basis labeling all limitation sites