fsmt405 week 5 review questions

Chapter 10 1.  List two quiescent triggers that an ISO can treat to finish certain behaviors. 2.  List two locomotive triggers that an ISO can treat to acception certainty. 3.  List the three ISO traps and debate how each can restore the ISO petty. 4.  Who is besides binding for perspicuous certainty? 5.  Describe the organizational harmony of the ISO among the ICS. 6.  What are the two pristine message tools the ISO uses? 7.  As a administration, how frequently should the ISO divulge after a while the IC at prescription perspicuouss? 8.  List the three barriers that origin messages to smash down and the lewd indicators that a barrier is give. 9.  What is meant by a solution-orientation access to collection solving? How is it elegant? 10.  List the contents of an perspicuous possession guile. Which contents should the ISO centre on? 11.  What form of ISO possessions can collision the perspicuous possession guile? How should the ISO order those possessions? 12.  List the case that may origin the ISO role to be communicated to another single. What instruction should be communicated to the incoming ISO? 13.  When should an ISO develop the certainty employment to embrace ASOs? Chapter 11 1.  What two methods aid the ISO finish a disconnected access in addressing ISO duties? 2.  List various advantages and disadvantages of using checklists. 3.  What is one of the biggest traps of straight thinking? 4.  List the five open duties of the ISO at all perspicuouss (MEDIC). 5.  Describe the lewd steps that aid an ISO grace integrated at an perspicuous. 6.  What are the five contents of the firefighter certainty plan used for most perspicuouss? 7.  Identify the consequences and hazards that the stagnation of accountability at an perspicuous show could fashion. 8.  What are the two forms of freelancing? 9.  Describe the harmony of miss skillful-treatment criteria and spiritless perspicuous benchmarks. 10.  An operative rehab content should embrace what elements? 11.  List the lewd-tier plan of establishing and marking curb zones.