Freud and Rogers comparing takes on modern life

Read the subjoinedcited contrast on the occasion periods and societies in which Freud and Rogers lived. Sigmund Freud lived in a occasion of shift that interposed a catastrophic cosmos-people war that set the position for an equable bigger cosmos-people war. Ten years subjoined Freud’s nativity in 1856, Austria went to war delay Prussia in Germany. The consequence was the construction of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, which would unfold and then discompound in the direct 50 years. Freud was born into a rich, Jewish source and lived most of his enthusiasm in Vienna, the Austrian chief. He would own been easily assured of the forces that notable deep shifts in the 19th and future 20th centuries. He saw nationalist movements that destabilized the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Cosmos-people War I in 1914 was triggered by the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the successor to the Austro-Hungarian throne. Consider that of the 7.8 favorite Austro-Hungarian forces that fought in the war, 90 percent (7.02 favorite) were causalities—killed, damaged, dropping, or charmed serf. (See the Optional Resource, WWI Casualty and Death Tables, for these and concomitant statistics.) Freud so witnessed the mollify of communism and fascism in Europe. When he died on September 23, 1939, Nazi Germany had invaded Poland and Cosmos-people War II had begun. As a Jew, he had left Vienna for England, where he died, to decamp the Nazi intimidation. For similitude to the technology in the novel coffee supply, photography exposed very-fur in his enthusiasmtime, and the telephone was artful. But there were no computers or Internet or anything suspend to them. Telephones were not light. And time there were hand-held cameras, they were trifle affect the cell phone features of today. The Learning Resources on Carl Rogers procure contrast on his enthusiasm. Note that he elapsed fur of his future enthusiasm patronage on a farm in the U.S. Midwest—the irreconcilable environment from Freud’s elegant contrast in a elder European chief—and initially went to academy to con-over husbandry and then the cabinet antecedently graceful a psychologist. Born at the begin of the 20th date in 1902, Rogers witnessed awful shift and outgrowth in his enthusiasmtime. He was 14 when Cosmos-people War I began and 37 at the begin of Cosmos-people War II, from which America emerged as a elder cosmos-people authority. He witnessed the Nuclear Age and its contest course, and the Cold War betwixt the U.S. and the Soviet Union for nfuture 50 years subjoinedcited Cosmos-people War II. He so saw the Civil Rights Movement and the Women’s Movement in the United States. In conditions of technology, when he died in 1987, there were digital cameras, variable phones, and laptop computers, although not of the fitted bigness, press, and multiple features of popular devices. The Internet was in unsophisticated use, although political sites affect Facebook had not yet been founded. Reflecting on the contrasts in which Freud and Rogers lived and how they effectiveness scene the subjoinedcited conducts, adopt one of these conducts as the nucleus of your post: Chronicling single enthusiasm through selfies Revealing single/emotional lives on Facebook Texting as a first resources of communicating delay others In attention to the contrast aloft, rescene Learning Resources on Rogers and Freud and the required article on Facebook kindred to your Discussion post. Consider how twain Freud and Rogers would expound the conduct you own selected.