Foundation of an Ethical Journey

   This scheme conciliate be a monograph that should be the basis of your holy trip.  It conciliate embrace identifying and expanding on manifold pillars of holy action which we enjoy identified and elaborated on delay each module. Topics  Awareness Trust and Integrity Caring Citizen Fairness Respect and Equity  Explore the five subject-matters listed aloft identically, adown detached headers.  Discuss its connection to identical, negotiative and workplace ethics.  Each subject-matter should be at a stint of 1 page (and probably conciliate be 2).  Resources should be uprightly incorporated and cited.  All resources should be knowing.  This division of the monograph conciliate representation for half the proceeding.   Decision Making Tree The relieve half of your scheme (and proceeding) has you creating an identical Holy Decision-making Tree.  Each plod of the sentence making tree needs to embrace advice encircling if yes/ then go here; if no/ then go to this individuality.  You should re-examination a multiformity of interest sentence making trees anteriorly inauguration the plods of your tree.  I enjoy distinct Sentence Making Trees and ideas listed in the polish adown this one (Decision Making Tree - Resources).  Please be fast to transcribe encircling your system, and embrace a era to re-examination, alter and ordain your sentence making system inveterate on results.