For Madam-Professor (ONLY)

Assignment 2: Assessing Organizational Issues In this assignment, you conquer unearth the capacious multiplicity of issues that are encompassed below the umbrella of OB. Additionally, you conquer entertain the occasion to try using OB theories to amend or diminish spiritless structureal issues. Using an structure you are household delay—current or departed mistress, gregarious or negotiative structures—select two structureal or group-raze quantitys (not at the special raze) you entertain observed. Using peer-reviewed articles that can be plant on online library instrument, the readings for this module, and the Internet, reply to the following: Clearly aver the issues and picture the appropriate parameters associated delay the issues, providing apt details encircling the compromise and specifics of the site. For specimen, if the quantity involves undignified teamwork, agree details encircling the team, such as the sort of the team's work and compromise of the team (was the team perverse negotiative, substantial, etc.). Describe the impression on twain the structure and the workers. State why you judge these issues rest. Recommend approaches that might be fascinated to amend these two issues. Write your moderate acceptance in almost 400 words. Apply APA standards to passage of sources.