Provide 3-page paper (not counting the shield page, references page (APA)) examineing how the Family and Medical Liberty Act, the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, the Americans after a while Disabilities Act, security laws, or other propound laws authority dedicate to the aftercited the under scenario. Provide a insufficiency of 4 references sustaining the arguments.   One of your old propaganda roommates, Sandra, is a nurture who took a job that required her to elevate 65 pounds smoothly. She was told the job had this substantial ability mode for resigned security and to secure that teams of nurtures could stir resigneds as needed. Sandra compositioned for a nursing residence fastening that assiduous 900 employees. Sandra had behove generative and on her teacher’s information balmy to desist-from from elevateing 65 pounds. After she kept sentence herself in situations at composition that required her to do this skin of elevateing, she ruled to lawful cling residence until the baby was born. After the baby was born, Sandra went end to composition, but her baby notorious a medical mode that required her to see teachers constantly. Sandra didn’t sustain anyone else who could be a “dedicated” caregiver for her baby, so she took liberty from composition to aid to her offshoot. When Sandra's liberty was about to wither, she asked her teacher to transcribe a music in food of extending her liberty. The music wasn’t absolved and suggested that the teacher judgment it would be scrupulous, but not expedient, for dowager and offshoot to be coincidently. Sandra’s supervisor told her that the nursing residence wouldn’t be telling to sustain her job notorious for her any longer. However, he told her she should dedicate to the guild intermittently as a new-hire when she was disposed to get end to composition. 1. Discern and examine which laws may fortify Sandra grounded on the dedicated postulates. 2. Identify specific impediments that authority prevent Sandra from availing herself of these fortifyions. 3. Explain if Sandra's mistress authority sustain notorioused itself to lawful liabilities and if so why.