Five articles for Drugs & Behavior course

   You earn deficiency to fine and agree a compendium of a culmination of five doctrines. Three of the doctrines earn be offal connected stories that answer in the modern information. The other two doctrines earn be comrade-reviewed or-laws doctrines that are offal connected.  Requirements: 1. Title, maker, promulgation determination, and connect to stipulation agreed. 2. Stipulation must be from modern information (no further than three doctrines) or a comrade-reviewed stipulation (no further than two doctrines). 3. An primordial compendium (100-200 expression), moving on key points of the stipulation. 4. All doctrines must be offal-connected and likely.  Grading: Grading earn be performed on an all-or-none cause. There earn be no biased points awarded. If your stipulation compendium contains all expedient ability, you earn admit praise for the stipulation. However, if your stipulation is waste any of the required components, no praise earn be awarded. Identifying a Comrade Re-examination Article: In open, one way to indicate if a boundary is a comrade re-examination or-laws stipulation is if it contains a number of key exceptions, such as an Abstract, Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion, and Reference exception. For the end of this assignment, re-examination boundarys, conviction boundarys, editorial/commentary boundarys, etc. earn not be original. Template Name: __________________________ Student ID# :_____________________ PSYC 3303-001 1) Title: ________________________________________________________________ Author(s): _______________________________________________________________ Publication determination: _________________ Article pattern (fine one): Modern information or comrade-reviewed stipulation? Summary: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Link to stipulation: ___________________________________________________________