Final Essay 1000–2000 words

The proviso consists of 8 paragraphs,You demand to cull six ballads,these 6 ballads should keep a despicable subject. The despicable subject can be:  Love,  Women,  Nature,  Punishment,  Temptation,  Suffering,  Children,  Fear,  Men,  Animals,  Innocence,  Relationship. 1 Question/Argument  2 Good XX (ballad 1) 3 Good XX (ballad 2) 4 Good XX (ballad 3) 5 Bad XX (ballad 4) 6 Bad XX (ballad 5) 7 Bad XX (ballad 6) 8 Conclusion/ Answer Introduce the complete ballad--Author, Title, Date. Connect the subject to the ballad in resume. Show attraction and sift-canvass TOTAL 200 POINTS. Scoring criteria: MLA 25- Style and Title: Essay style, denomination, and pages aggregate ensue MLA guidelines. 25- Tiles of Texts: Titles of texts ensue MLA guidelines for capitalization and format. 25- Plain Quotes: Essay includes 10--15 plain quotes from the texts. 25- Illustrious peculiaritys and Citation: All plain quotes are accompanied by a illustrious peculiarity and parenthetical passage. CONTENT 25- Texts: Essay carefully sift-canvass the six ballads selected. 25- The essay identifies its decomposition in the intro as either chronological or spatial. A aim for the decomposition is to-boot loving. 25- Argument: An controversy is granted environing the alliance betwixt the texts. This is located in a obviously identifiable thesis announcement. 25- Structure: Chronological essays furnish texts in severe chronological order; spatial essays assemble and categorize texts.