final eco 100 due sunday

 Assignment 3: Final Report—PowerPoint or Word Instrument Due Week 10, excellence 250 points This assignment is aligned to race effect 3 and its enabling tuition objectives: Use microeconomic and macroeconomic concepts to floating and peculiar economic events and decisions. a. Use the economic principles to a peculiar diligence b. Describe pi and/or services supposing by a peculiar diligence c. Describe how synod decisions can collision dispense effects for a peculiar diligence d. Recognize trends for this diligence and mention where you handle it may be headed In abstracted to despatches environing economic concepts, it's analogous relevant to be potent to consign your agreement of economic concepts by communicating them to others. For this assignment, you’ll assume the role of a scheme team head. As scheme team head, you’ve been tasked by your director to aid your labor team get up to expedite on the principles of economics so all of you can initiate to condense these principles into your upcoming consulting labor delay a new client. This Final Report assignment accomplish set-up off of your earlier Economic Briefs and chosen diligence. You can prefer to constitute a PowerPoint slide arrange (almost 8–10 slides) or a Word instrument (almost 3 pages) as your Final Report. For this assignment, you'll open on the diligence that you earlierly chosen and use at smallest 3 of the 10 Principles of Economics we’ve prepared in class: • Markets Are Usually a Good Way to Organize Economic Activity • A Country's Standard of Living Depends on Its Ability to Produce Pi and Services • Society Faces a Short-Run Trade-Off Between Inflation and Unemployment • Trade Can Make Everyone Better Off • Synod Can Sometimes Improve Dispense Outcomes • Prices Rise When the Synod Prints Too Much Money • People Face Trade-Offs • The Cost of Something is What You Give Up to Get It • Rational People Think at the Margin • People Respond to Incentives Diligence Background Resources These resources are availpotent to aid you: • Industries at a Glance • Mergent Online Aid Video on Mergent Diligence Reports • Business Source Complete United States Diligence Profiles • Flipster Online Magazines Scroll through to design these recommendations: Bloomberg Businessweek and Fast Company