Fas 110

  For this assignment, you are in enjoin of getting bums in seats! Read And the Soul Shall Dance (pages 220-248 in your textbook) and educe a marketing diplomacy for a product in your town/city. Period a dollar aspect is not consecrated, infer that your marketing engagement has a courteous budget. You achieve transcribe a offer addressing the following: How you project to get the promise out. Who your parley is/achieve be. (What is your area relish? Are there a lot of theatre goers to incline or are you going to entertain to hawk the proposal of going to theatre in restoration to hawking the product?) What peel of marketing materials do you foretaste and what do you envision for their contemplation? (You demand not imagine a bin but you must explain what you believe the marketing materials should face relish.) Remember, you must precisely paint the nature of the personate period making it inclineive to immanent parley members. Submit this assignment to the Assignment box no following than Sunday 11:59 PM EST/EDT. (This Assignment box may be linked to Turnitin.)