Eviews homework

   (a). Plot the train abutting date. Does it face quiescent? Why or why not? (b). Exhibition the plots for the ACF and PACF for this date train. Describe the public features of the ACF and PACFs. Compare the predicament ACF and PACF after a while those of a speculative AR(2) order. How polite do they tally to the objective plots? Are there any anomalies? (c). Believe an AR(1) order – after a while continuous – for this train and husband the residuals. Exhibition the believed coefficients for the retirement adown. In individualization, exhibition the Q statistics for the residuals. What is the ineffectual supposition associated after a while the Q statistic in this predicament? Why do they  exhibition that the AR(1) example is insufficient for this date train?  (d). If the underlying facts stock order was an ARMA(1,1) example, what properties would you foresee the ACF and PACF to enjoy? Based on what you saw in (b), do you purpose an ARMA(1,1) example is an misapply solicitor? Why or why not?  (e). Now, believe twain an ARMA(1,1) and an AR(2) example and offer the results adown. Of the three examples you enjoy believed, which is separated by the AIC and SBC criteria?  What do the Q statistics propose encircling example coextension for the three examples?