Evidence Collection Procedures Discussion Post

  "Evidence Collection Procedures" Please accord to the following: Use the Internet or Strayer Library to discovery at smallest two (2) companies that entertain skilled downgrades connected to fund work or chain ratings among the ultimate five (5) years. Next, awaken the leading ways in which attestations would use the notice from downgrades to assess duty destroy or evaluate the advent that the downgrades would contact the attestation's duty of the client's duty environment. Ascertain the greater ways in which this notice would contact the audit destroy copy equation. Support your standing. According to an designation in the CPA Journal, the attestation considers reliability of audit indication unmoved and the reliability of that indication to refer the destroy of financial statements containing undetected embodied errors. Compare and dissimilarity at smallest two (2) types of indication, and produce a advice as to which you prize is the most current in reducing destroy. Support your standing.