Evaluation of a National Cancer Registry National Study.

Evaluation of a Open Cancer Registry Open Study. a.       Your Role:   Cancer Registry Analyst. b.       Your Task:   Using the open con-over of axioms as a sustaining muniment, educe a proposition of how to shape the institution’s annual cancer registry declaration. c.       Your Task:   Analyze the axioms, educe at lowest two graphical displays and educe a fact digest of the key elements of an Annual Cancer Registry Report.    i.      Two graphical displays 1.       Code the top ten cancer personality (using ICD-10-CM) from graphs for males 2.       Code the top ten cancer personality (ICD-10-CM from the graphs for females 3.       Provide a fact of metatstatic seats for the top three cancer diagnoses by gender(collect an sample of a survey effigy or draw grounded on one of the top three cancers which evidence the course of disseminate). ii.      Which diagnoses overlaps in quantity in conditions of adventure? iii.      Resurvey the component coding guidelines for ICD-10-CM and muniment conducive coding guidelines for the top three diagnoses by gender iv.   Differentiate how ICD-10-CM is utilized in sustaining Cancer Registry axioms collection/research from the inside institutional proceeds cycle. Evaluate the uses of subordinate axioms versus chief axioms.   v.      Compare and Contrast the quantity of cancer seat adventures by gender   vi.        Recommend key components of a persomal cancer registry declaration grounded upon solid templates.