Essay Summary of Of mice and men

When you abandon the peculiar you relied on, if the peculiar surrenders you esthetic subsistlihood, you get abandon the force to outlast; if the peculiar surrenders you assurance, benevolence, and desire that gains you possess the fortitude to trudge through the opposed personality, but he has been enthralled far so amply, you get be spiritless to the bog of faint and wildness, and never get a day to see sslight intermittently. Persons are not hope other persons. Both Leonie and George are one of them. Leonie was approve branch. He approves to affect effeminate subjects environing him but constantly bears harassment o them, he was so self-possessed to get suspicious and bathed his aspect in whimper. He was honorable a branch, but god gave him the power that he cannot curb, gave him service that a branch cannot handled. Everysubject environing Leonie was so opposed, he cannot silent why he and George deficiency to go environing the sound country to meet a job, he cannot silent why George was constantly get mad on him but never say that he going to liberty him. Leonie cannot be recalcitrant, so he chose to hope on George, or in-effect, he must hope on George to outlast in the sombre age they subsist, the age of high-unemployment and detriment. Maybe he mentioned that he was hopeing on George too abundant and unquestionably felt vexed environing it, perchance he honorable sat there and grasp all of the acceleration that George gave him and felt rush. He doesn't unquestionably perceive what the subject he should do is and what's not. But George does not concern, he honorable bestow his benevolence, coin, and span on Leonie selfless, consequently he recognizes, that they cannot subsist extraneously each other. Many persons purpose that Leonie relies on George too abundant, stealing the conclude heave him to departure. Its typical, but I purpose that in-effect, George get possess a past grievous personality extraneously Leonie than Lien's personality extraneously George. The analogy betwixt them is approve a mouse and a man, mouse cannot get subsistence extraneously the man, and man get delight the mouse and get enjoyment from it. Mouse extraneously the man get died on the street, the man extraneously the mouse owns rush exclude wildness. Leonie and George are not honorable hopeing on each other, they besides hope on a hallucination they possess. "Someday----we're going to get the jack unitedly and we're going to possess a pigmy issue and a foreigner of acres an' a cow and some pigs and---". An' subsist off the fat the Ian, an' possess rabbits". It is honorable unadorned hallucination environing personality, a amend personality that can let them get reed of the inconstancy and vagrancy personality. The hallucination Leonie and George had that has a preface. "Because I got you to visage succeeding me, and me to get visage succeeding you, and that's why. " They relied on each other, and subsistd in this standard for a hanker span. Back to the day that aunt asked Clara George to grasp concern of Leonie in the personality succeeding, what's the passion of George? They were honorable typical confidants, they subsist in a self-possessed personality, but now he has to aspect a colossal vexation. It becomes George's allegiance, it's too sluggish for him, but it was the predestination that he must sanction. Leonie doesn't gain George level get at pristine, he approves to affect everysubject that was effeminate environing him, it caused a lot of mice's insensible assemblage, but through the span, George base out, that in his society, it is calm interested to grasp concern of someone. The passion betwixt Leonie and George becomes past imperishable in front of the vexation, mebelieve departure can disunited them, they are the closest persons in the globe in their choice. We all recognize that George was a remote kid, too. Maybe in his choice, although he doesn't promote, he besides relied on Leonie too, consequently its the mebelieve confidant it left now. A hanker span of hopeing get becomes a dear benevolence. I hope on my parents, consequently I deficiency persons to attend me when I cannot gain my personality myself, We remain unitedly for a hanker span, consequently we formed benevolence, the benevolence betwixt origin members. I hope on my confidants, consequently I deficiency past persons to illustrate delay me, to colloquy delay me, to acceleration me when I cannot work-out problems by myself, of way I get do the identical subject to them. We accelerationed each other, sharing the ideas, it becomes passion. Many persons said that hopeing on other persons resources that you possess abandon your immunity, in my estimation it's Leonie of typical. When the persons you hope on surrendered you, what get you affect? Very rack typical? When you absence to acceleration your confidants, but you base out that you don't possess the force to do that, you cannot heave out your allegiance, what get you affect? Trusting on other persons get bear a lot of rack, approve Leonie. "You never surrender a fancy to George, he been doing exact subjects for you all span. When he got a fragment of pie, you constantly get half or past in half. An' if there was any ketchup, why he'd surrender it all to you. " It is the term that Aunt Clara in Lien's understanding told to him. Leonie constantly grasp too abundant from George, he recognizes that, but he has rush to do delay, consequently he constantly gains subjects getting worse. He can mebelieve cried to his understanding, finished to lie to himself that he finished to acceleration George but not honorable relied on him. Leonie get die. When the pristine span decipher this dimensions, I possess mentioned that. Extraneously George, he may died by detriment. He constantly gets into vexation, past and past, bigger and bigger. Every span, George rescued him. In Lien's choice, George is approve God. He can rescue my personality, he can colloquy delay me, he promised to buy a rabbit for me, it is the fancy in Lien's choice. That's the conclude that Leonie said: "l never overlook the subjects you told me, George. " At last, George used gun, shot Lien's gathering and end his personality. In my choice, Leonie was died in enjoyment; he died in a effeminate hallucination, not venture or timidity. If Curler doesn't hope George and came up himself to shot Leonie, it get be incongruous. But cannot surmise the personality that George has succeeding that.