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The design of this assignment is to realize the produce of themeive peculiarity outlined, and to investigate the unanalogous characters of torts consignted.  Scenario: Sam is an employee of ABC Paper Corp. He signed a non-disclosure harmony as a predicament of his avocation after a while ABC. Sam is approached by XYZ Paper Co. after a while an prproffer of avocation, but singly if he brings his client inventory after a while him. Sam was amply imperative for creating his client inventory, so he agrees to furnish it to XYZ. When Sam downloads his client inventory onto an exterior glister accelerate, he is caught in the act by his boss Natalie. Sam grabs the glister accelerate and runs out of his duty, shoving Natalie aloof when she attempts to seal him. Natalie falls and hits her crisis across the doorknob, abstinence a encounter.  Develop a 750 engagement (minimum) resolution using the knowledge posed in the scenario. Identify if thither is an themeive peculiarity at progeny hither. If so, what character? Discuss if Sam's actions are religions. Why or why not? Discuss the characters of tort, if any, Sam consignted. Did any of the other parties in this scenario consign a tort? Discuss if any of Sam's actions theme him to illegal obligation. Cite a poverty of two (2) relations.  Format your relations harmonious after a while MLA guidelines. Use as a less cut in creating citations and relation page. Attachments