Essay in APA Format

Provide a meditation of at smallest 500 engagements (or 2 pages enfold spaced) of how the apprehension, skills, or theories of Data mining keep been applied, or could be applied, in a skilled sort to your present effort environment (Software Developer). Share situations when you keep or could respect these theories and apprehension could be applied at your effortplace in your scope of con-over. Requirements: Provide a 500 engagement (or 2 pages enfold spaced) poverty meditation. Use of suited APA formatting and citations. If supported testimony from without resources is used those must be properly cited. Share a single unarm-an that identifies favoring apprehension and theories from this way. Demonstrate a unarm-an to your present effort environment. Text of Course- You should NOT, supply an overview of the assignments assigned in the way. The assignment asks that you meditate how the apprehension and skills obtained through meeting way objectives were applied or could be applied in the effortplace.