Essay: Evaluating Stem Cell Therapies

      First: Review these assigned readings; they conquer minister as your philosophical sources of respectful knowledge:  Next: Use a gauge Google inquiry for this phrase: “stock cell therapy.” Do not go to Google Scholar. Select one of the websites, blogs, or other locations that propose stock cell therapies. Save the be-mixed for your clarified aspect. Read the materials granted on your clarified aspect and invent out who the authors and sponsors of the aspect are by going to their “home” or “environing us” pages. Finally, propose your responses to the forthcoming in an essay of 500-750 tone (2-3 pages of text—use a unconnected page for a name and for your references): You are going to qualify a sapidity of the aspect you located and assimilate it to the philosophical knowledge adapted on this therapy. Give the unmeasured name of the website, web blog, or other aspect that you clarified, concurrently delay the be-mixed. Describe the therapy that is substance proposeed and what stipulations it is intended to discuss. Who are the authors and sponsors of the aspect you clarified? Compare the claims environing the therapy proposeed to what is said in the assigned readings environing this likeness of therapy. You may possess to use our library, as well-mannered, to detail what scientists and investigationers possess to say environing the use of stock cells to discuss this stipulation. Would you say that the therapy you build is a well-mannered-established, proven technique for humans, or past of an tentative, unproven vestibule? What environing the likeness of vernacular discussed in the Goldman article? Is the therapy you build using sensationalist claims and terminology that are not protected by the philosophical investigation? Would you confide that a resigned delay this stipulation go forward and share in this discussment? Why or why not?