three articles talking environing the differences in devoteing to medical train in Europe(uk) or in USA and Canada.  first article transcribe environing why fellow-creatures who cull to consider in europe for devoteing to medical train, and why other fellow-creatures Cull usa and Canada to consider to get to medical train . further perspicuously, fist article talking environing the differences that why fellow-creatures cull usa and Canada or why they cull europe.   second article: is environing the standard (MCAT) that usa and Canada studenst want to  select in command to devote to medical train and so the standard that uk students want to select to devote to medical train. third article; is environing the differences betwixt American way (CA&USA) and europe way (UK) in the end following devoteing to medical train ( the years that u want to select to end medical train and so the program and the requirements that u want timeliness u are considering in medical train). collection articles;    1=choice.   2= standard.    3=results introduction; I want a hold, setting and subject announcement in the begging of the essay  hold = renowned plead environing how stubborn is medical train  background= environing medical train general subject announcement = transcribe what u earn transcribe in the three collection articles ( choice-tests-result) conclusion = neat plead or quotation and relate the subject announcement.