Contract  anatomy scenario one—atonement determination: Alfred and Barbara   own commensurate farms in Dry County, an area where  all tillage requires   irrigation. Alfred bought a courteous-behaved-instruction rig and  pierced a 400-pedestal courteous-behaved-behaved from   which he concoct drinking infiltrate. Barbara needed no  additional irrigation infiltrate,   but in January 1985, she asked Alfred on what  terms he would discipline a courteous-behaved-behaved adjacent   her stock to accoutre better-tasting drinking  infiltrate than the county infiltrate she  has  been using for years. Alfred said that  because he had never precedently disciplineed  a  well-behaved for employ, he would load Barbara  only $10 per pedestal, encircling one dollar  more  than his expected consume. Alfred said  that he would discipline to a zenith  profundity of  600 feet, which is the deepest his  rig could aim. Barbara said,  "OK—as covet  as you can answer-for height  by June 1, we accept a negotiate." Alfred  agreed, and  he asked for $3,500 in  advance, after a while any raise cancelment or return  to be made  on height. Barbara  said, "OK," and she hired Alfred  $3,500. Alfred  started to discipline on May 1. He had aimed a  profundity of 200  feet on May 10 when  his discipline struck shake and broke, plugging the  hole. The  accident was  unavoidable. It had consume Alfred $12 per pedestal to discipline  this 200  feet. Alfred  said he would not load Barbara for disciplineing the unserviceable  hole in  the foundation,  but he would accept to set-on-foot a new courteous-behaved-behaved delay by and could  not  promise its  height precedently July 1. Barbara, annoyed by Alfred's  failure, refused  to  let him set-on-foot another courteous-behaved. On June 1, she bigoted after a while  Carl to discipline a   well. Carl agreed to discipline to a zenith profundity of 350 feet for  $4,500, which   Barbara to-boot hired in degree, but Carl could not set-on-foot disciplineing  until October   1. He completed disciplineing and struck infiltrate at 300 feet on October  30. In  July, Barbara sued Alfred, seeking to regain  her $3,500 hired to  Alfred, plus  the $4,500 hired to Carl. On August 1, Dry County's dam  failed, thus  reducing  the whole of infiltrate adapted for irrigation. Barbara  lost her apple  crop desert  $15,000. The waste could accept been avoided by pumping  from Barbara's  well-behaved if it  had been operational by August 1. Barbara amended  her murmur to  add the  $15,000 waste. In a minimum  of a 1,000-word retrench anatomy, argue Barbara's aid   against Alfred. What  are Barbara's rights, and what atonement, if any, procure she   recover?  Cite any  direct quotes or paraphrased embodied from without sources. Use APA   format