English 2 writing assignment

Language in Society 1st assignment: Answer the questions by forthcoming the instructions :  Who does and who does not use diction? How do animals use or not use diction? How and in what ways do rationals use diction? How do rationals acquire to use diction? How is diction use and diction acquireing adventitious to the rational test? Instructions : Consists of 2-3 strong, diligent, and well-organized paragraphs • Ideas, paraphrasing, and extract must be cited unmeasuredy and unexceptionably according to APA style  (otherwise it is plagiarism) o Must use in quotation citations in your paragraphs when referencing readings o Must conceive regard exception at the end delay unmeasured citations of all readings used in post • Do not thicken special beliefs, tests, or opinions • This is meant to be a more academically forced argument inveterate on quotationual segregation of scholarly  readings 2nd assignment   Write the blog by forthcoming the instructions : unexceptionably cited in APA style  • Consists of 4-5 strong, diligent, and well-organized paragraphs  Focus the blog on ideas aggravated in the video of Goodall’s talk. here are some likely directions to assume for the blog: What encircling diction constructs us rational and how does that construct us incongruous from other sign on Earth? Why is diction adventitious to the rational test? o  Remember you must conceive one image This is the video:  Goodall’s talk https://www.ted.com/talks/jane_goodall_on_what_separates_us_from_the_apes