UNIT 5 LEARNING ACTIVITIES Type all activities on one muniment. Designate that muniment, “Unit Five Activities.” Label each essence by enumerate, and do not succumb until all magnitude feel been adequated. All videos and attainings indispensoperative for quantity of the subjoined activities are located either in “Unit Five to Read” or “Unit Five to View.”         1         1 Activity One:  Read The Essay Adaptation System (Found in “Unit Five to Read.”) Open the integrate, Images of the Adaptation System (“Found in Bisect Five to View”) and air-tight examine the illustrations of the unconcealed adaptation system. Constitute your own diagram for the essay adaptation system. Enstyle it, “The Essay Adaptation Process” and use the “Insert”, “Shapes” and “format” features on the “Word” menu to aid you constitute a diagram that you opine illustrates the adaptation system as it is interpreted specifically for the adaptation of essays in the age fix in “Unit Five to Read.”) 03 The Essay Adaptation System UNIT 3.docx and the video fix in Bisect Five to View”   Work Age Required: Encircling 30-45 minutes.          2 Activity Two:  In the latest bisect and during the quantity of the primeval essence for this bisect, you reviewed the ranks of the adaptation system. Attain the age, Preadaptation Strategies (Found in “Unit Five to Read”) and redonation the video, “The Essay Adaptation Process” (Found in “Unit Five to View”) Rendezvous on the advice on the preadaptation rank of the system as you redonation the video. Use either your general ENG. 111 adaptation assignment or a elapsed one, to inform your use of either catalogueing, mapping, detached-adaptation or looping as a brainstorming essence.           3                   4 Activity Four:  Can you designate the oldest bisecticipation of punctuation?  Open the integreprimand for Reading Workout Challenge 7 and attain, and you get be operative to do so.  Follow the addresss to attain and rejoin in adaptation. Hint! If you delineation and elapsede the workout pages into your obviated activities muniment, you get be operative to sign your confutations immediately onto the pages. Note: This age is a bit over challenging, but is definitely an thrilling one. Distinguish that you cannot accept points for the glossary bisect, if you singly specify that you distinguish all of the signification.  Work Age Required:  About 30-45 minutes          5           Activity Five: Attain the age on organizational designs (Found in Bisect Five to Read). Authenticate the organizational designs palpable in the subjoined passages. (Found on latest page of these activities. Equitable scroll down.) Label each of your confutations delay the theme of the passage. Why do we anxiety? If you can authenticate the author’s organizational design when you attain, you are well-behaved-behaved on your way to authenticateing his or her mind for adaptation. When you transcribe, you scarcity to grant notice to how you constitute your advice, so that you furnish your attainer delay those selfselfsame valuoperative clues for understanding.   Work Age Required:  About 45 minutes                   6 Activity Six:  Reynolds furnishs a detached tutoring labor that get aid you delay variation of your essays. This material has manifold strengths; you can succumb essays over than uniformly, any age of day or night, and you get accept feedback delayin twenty-four hours.  View the video on the theme of Brainfuse (Video to-boot fix in “To View”  and adequate the subjoined essence:  · Select any essay you feel written for your ENG. 111 rank, and obviate a delineation in M. Word.  · Click on the http:\ attain integreprimand (Found in Bisect Five to Read) and scrutinize the Brainfuse seat (fix on your menu in CANVAS.   · Succumb the essay by clicking on “Launch Brainfuse”, then click on “Academic Tools.” Contiguous click on “Language Lab” and finally on, “Writing Lab.”  · Compare the feedback you accept from Brainfuse delay that you acceptd from your ENG. 111 preceptor.  · Transcribe a inconsiderable passage that begins delay one of the subjoined prompts: “The feedback I acceptd from Brainfuse consortd on…” or “The feedback I acceptd did not consort on…”                 7 Activity Seven:  Copy the Five-Paragraph Essay Template and then delineation and elapsede any one of your essays into the template. If you are missing any of the required passage magnitude, artless transcribe a specifyment saw that your essay did not compagitate manifestation of that bisect. Example: “My essay did not incexpose a snatch.” Etc.  Work Age Required: Encircling 30 minutes             8 Activity Eight:  Watch the video on dilatoriness and catalogue the three aidful regularitys suggested for those who fondle. Which of the three do you opine would be the most aidful for you? Transcribe one passage and interpret which regularity you get try and what you craveing get betide if you try it.        Work Age Required: Encircling 10-25minutes        9 Activity Nine: Open the checkcatalogue for adaptation expository essays and attain the individuality on adaptation a disquisition specifyment anxietyfully. Examine one of your essays and highlight your disquisition. To perform unquestioning you've stayed rendezvoused in each passage, try underlining the theme decision, then circling key signification huskred to its convenient proposal. Delineation any one of your passages in that essay where you opine you either did or did not expose your rendezvous when you external your details.  Work Age Required: Encircling 10-20 minutes        100 Activity Ten:  Open and redonation the ppt donation on the box draft.  (Found in Bisect Five to View) This donation interprets how each decision in a passage must confutation a doubt encircling the decision over it. Select any passage from one of your essays and constitute a box draft for it. Begin by authenticateing your main proposal decision. Use M. Word menu and the “Insert” and “Shapes” options to aid you constitute your draft. Remember! Redonation the ppt primeval and grant anxietyful notice to how the superior and unimportant details are constituted to subsistence the decision over it.  Organizational Patterns Worksheet Passage #1 – Chemical and Visible Changes All stuff, all things can be transitional in two ways: chemically and visiblely. Twain chemical and visible modifys pretend the specify of stuff. Visible modifys are those that do not modify the perform-up or personality of the stuff. For issue, carcass get diverge or mitigate if squeezed, but it get tranquil be carcass. Changing the model of carcass is a visible modify, and does not modify the stuff’s personality. Chemical modifys rotate the stuff into a new husk of stuff delay divergent properties. For issue, when tract is burnt, it befits ash and get nconstantly be tract intermittently. The dissimilitude among them is that visible modifys are present or singly latest for a inconsiderable timeliness, and chemical modifys are steady, which resources they latest always. Visible and chemical modifys twain pretend the specify of stuff. Passage #2 – The Best PB & J Ever When I got residence from nurture behind a crave boring day, I took out the peanut butter, jelly, and repast. Behind taking the lid off of the jars, I spattain the peanut butter on one margin of the battain and the jelly on the other, and then I put the two bisecticipations of battain conjointly. Behind that, I enjoyed it timeliness watching “Cops” on the TV. I declare, that was the best peanut butter and jelly sandwich I constantly ate.  Passage #3 – Bobby Fischer  Robert James Fischer was born in Chicago but unlocked the secrets of chess in a Brooklyn hall fit over a candy ammunition. At the age of six he taught himself to delineate by subjoined the counsel booklet that came delay his chess consideration. Behind spending greatly of his childhood in chess clubs, Fischer said that, “One day, I equitable got cheerful.” That may be a bit of an understatement. At the age of 13 he won the U.S. Junior Chess Championship, suitable the youngest Junior Champion constantly. At the age of 14 he won the U.S. Championship and became the youngest U.S. Champion in fact. Fischer would go on to befit the World Champion of chess, but he would to-boot incrtranquility to befit his own conquer enemy. Instead of defending the style, he forfeited it to the contiguous warrior delayout flush making a propel, and the agitate of a chess superstar ended delay a fizzle. Passage #4 – Obviate the Tigers Dr. Miller doesn’t neglect the tigers to dissolve. These haughty beasts are disappearing at an threatening reprimand. Dr. Miller opines that we should transcribe to our convention herd. If we let them distinguish that we call-for the integrity of this symbol, possibly we can perform a dissimilitude. Dr. Miller to-boot opines that we should donate to Obviate the Tigers. Our donations get aid to subsistence and delegate those who are conflicting the oppressiveest to guard the tigers. We owe it to our grandchildren to do star. Passage #5 – The Great Recession Many herd are promiscuous encircling why our management went to shambles in 2008. The opportunity was substantially the consequence of a confederacy of manifold multifarious factors. First, quiet security provisions recognized herd who were high-risk or mean of security to attribute, and flush herd who had no allowance were worthy for bulky loans. Second, banks would parcel these toxic loans and dispose-of them as packages on the financial traffic. Third, bulky prophylactic firms backed these packages, misrepresenting these high-risk loans as sure investments. Fourth, accordingly of the tranquility of acquiring security and the speedy increaseth in the housing traffic, herd were buying two or three houses, intending to dispose-of them for over than they hired. All of these factors constituted toys of theory. These toys discharge, sending the gross traffic into a downward spiral, causing employers to expose principal and lay off employees. Consumer spending then plummeted and most businesses suffered. The management is love a big boat, and uniformly it gets emotional at-once in the crime address, it’s oppressive to rotate it environing.  Passage #6 – Hide Protector   Before useing the hide warrior, upright the demeanor of your phone’s hide delay a balmy cloth. Uniformly the demeanor of your hide is upright, repropel the tract backing on the hide warrior. Evenly use the viscous margin of the hide warrior to your phone’s hide. Smooth out any air toy trapped on among the warrior and the phone hide. Enjoy the external defence.