Elderly Case study

  You are asked to see Mr. Basset, who is 80 years old, currently stay peculiar, and has of-late lost his consort. His consequence do not feed nearby, but Mr. Basset sees them on holidays. Mr. Basset was of-late diagnosed after a while lung cancer and has had an secret ponderosity detriment of 20 pounds in 3 months. He is getting chemotherapy as courteous as vestibule unwritten medication for hypertension and arthritis, and is showing signs of dehydration. Mr. Basset reports that his consort did most of the cooking and he has poor cooking skills. He usually has cereal after a while regulate and coffee for breakfast and soup for a avoid asceticism after in the day. He eats crackers throughout the day if he is thin, but admits that he doesn’t feel fur of an tendency. In observation, Mr. Basset has ill-fitting dentures and claims that living impartial does not gustation the identical. He is as-well on a poor budget. What physiological factors influence supply to Mr. Basset’s ponderosity detriment? What psychosocial factors influence supply to Mr. Basset’s ponderosity detriment? Give one likely explication of why Mr. Basset’s dentures do not fit. What nursing actions want to be comprised in the drawing of heed to amend Mr. Basset’s nutritional status?