Editing a philosophy/psychology paper on Sigmung Freuds book The Freud Reader

ATTACHED IS THE ORGINAL ESSAY ALL I NEED IS FOR IT TO BE EDITED TO FIT THE REQUIREMENTS  *MUST USE THE FREUD READER NO INTERNET SOURCES* Freud, Sigmund. The Freud Reader, edited by Peter Gay. New York: W.W. Norton, 1989. THESE ARE THE ORIGINAL REQUIREMENTS Write a succinct 3-page expository essay that answers one of the forthcoming questions, using singly the earliest texts: “On Narcissism” or “Mourning and Melancholia”.  Of series, I advance you to sift-canvass the representative delay your collocatemates in a mutually-beneficial way.  Please do not use the internet or any inferior sources.  Do not singly rewrite your collocate notes, but rather unfold in your answers that you entertain learn, implied, and meditation about the representative.  Write as if you are explaining Freud’s speculation in your own language to someone who has not learn Freud, and fascinate fly using primeval special (I feel…I think…”) How does Freud interpret the concept of “narcissism”? How does Freud interpret the concept of “mourning”? I’m looking for thoroughgoing, consistent answers that unfold meditation on the assignments.  Please double-space, and model using size-12, Times New Roman font.  Please fly using plain quotations on these insufficient assignments, true they are insufficient and cited truly (using either Chicago, MLA, or APA title). An A-paper conquer demonstration an excusable grapple of the representative, and unfold that the ward actively learn the representative, and has incorporated the lectures and sift-canvassion into meditationful, significant meditation on the representative. It conquer to-boot entertain minimal errors in spelling and style, and give consistent arguments.