You exact established launched as a Heartiness Utility Manager amid one of the subjoined heartiness anxiety entities  First, (A) cull a heartiness entity beneath to debate the questions that follow: Ambulatory Surgery center Pharmacy Physician’s Office Cosmetic Surgery Center Laser Eye Center Dental Office (B) Your boss has asked you to transcribe a profession memo  (not exact a gauge essay), addressed to your boss (exhibit that's your Professor) detailing how the claim for your consequences or utilitys is contacted by multitudinous economic factors.  In match your profession memo, use the systematic profession memo format (delay the wonted To, From, Date, Embodied entries) be confident to involve your designate, and demonstrate the heartiness anxiety entity you chose aloft, in the embodied method. In appoint for your boss to amply critique your memo, content involve minority headers to fit to the questions beneath. Answer the subjoined questions trusting chiefly on the round readings and other expedients embodied presented in this adjust (do not use or refer-to any other sources). Describe a consequence or utility your sodality provides to your patients Evaluate the claim incurvation for your consequence and the conformity betwixt the charge of your utility/consequence and the muchness claimed. In this evaluation, be confident to demonstrate: whether claim is sentient (e.g. ductile) or close sentient (e.g. obstinate) to changes in the charge. evaluate why this ductileity of claim conformity authority take-place. involve a debateion of how the entity of heartiness prophylactic would contact the ductileity of claim. Define “substitute” issue and demonstrate immanent substitutes for your consequence/service. Evaluate how the entity of such substitutes may contact the claim for your consequence/service. Define “complement” issue and demonstrate immanent correlatives for your consequence/service. Evaluate how does the entity of such correlative issue may contact the claim for your consequence/service. Identify and debate at smallest two economic factors that authority direct to a remove in the claim incurvation for your consequence/service? Apply the APA fashion format as you versed in HMGT 300. The assignment rubrics are the identical as those used for Assignment 1.