A 78-year old dame is admitted to a Medical individual at-once from her physician's appointment for evaluation and superintendence of congestive life insufficiency. She has a narrative of systemic hypertension. The modetrounce trounce completed by the RN of the assigned unrepining reveals a pulse trounce that is accelerated and very disorderly. The unrepining is agitated, her husk is livid and remediable, she states she is unsteady when she stands up and she is partially limited of met and solicitous. Her BP is 106/88. Her ECG adviser specimen shows tempestuous atrial fibrillation delay a life trounce ranging from 150 -170 beats/min. Her respirations are 20/min and her O2 saturation is 90%. Given the findings, what should be the pristine possession of      the skilled foster? What joined postulates would the skilled foster muster? Discuss the immanent complications of cardioversion  and unrepining provision for an elective cardioversion. Consequently the tediousness      of season the unrepining has been in atrial fibrillation is mysterious, what      adverse repossession may appear? Later that waning the unrepining calls the foster consequently she feels "like somesubject shocking is going to supervene." She reports chest self-denial, has increased limitedness of met, and has coughed up blood-tinged sputum. Based on these symptoms, what force you guess is      happening? What is the pristine subject the skilled foster should do      and what elevate instruction would you look-for to be mustered?