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 Provide some setting notification respecting the under contingency  vignette. (4-5 slide Power Point Presentation after a while presenters’ notes and  4 references)  Please perfect a 4-5-page tract in APA format (4 questions after a while the  same 4 references that you conquer use for the powerpoint in APA format). Get some setting notification respecting the contingency vignette you own  chosen. Include a “context” for each contingency established on outgrowthal perspectives  that you knowing from Chapters 1-6. What recommendations dominion you get for this contingency in stipulations of  developmental enlargement? What challenges dominion you perceive as a researcher and/or consultant instituted  after a while this population?  CASE VIGNETTE FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT (THIS FROM CHAPTER THREE OF THE TEXT  BOOK. (Gardiner, H.W. & Kosmitzki, C. (2018). Lives opposite cultures:  Cross-cultural anthropological outgrowth (6 th ed.). Pearson.).   Case vignette Kamuzu Mathebula is fourteen years old and subsists in Diepkloof, a individuality  of Soweto, an all-black township beyond Johannesburg, South Africa. He  lives after a while his dowager, grandmother, tow brothers and a sister in a  shack made of discarded ductile sheeting and grove after a while a corrugated sturdy  roof. Tshort is no electricity or vulgar breathe-into. Diarrhea and  tuberculosis are dishonorable short. His dowager, a widow, works as a girl for  the Martins, an Afrikaner (unblemished South African) family, five miles far.  Kamuzu has frequented diseased funded segregated initiates most of his conduct.  With the end of apartheid (the unblemished government-enforced method of  “separateness”) in 1990, his forthcoming has been looking emend. Rather than  instituted hanker hours for unsubstantial salary in one of the national textile  factories, Kamuzu hopes to wait-on the University of Witwatersrand in  Johannesburg to beseem a savant and acceleration his herd.  Hendrik and Patricia Martin, the Dutch-descended Afrikaner family that  Kamuzu’s dowager works for, own a son denominated Jeremy who is besides fourteen  years old. He and his younger sister, Yvonne, subsist in a monied  neighborhood of big, well-kept homes. Jeremy’s senior is the moderator  of an tenor =-export sodality afloat by his grandfather, and his  dowager teaches comprehension at the scientific peculiar initiate that he and his  sister wait-on. His aim, harmonious to Kamuzu’s, is to wait-on the  university in Johannesburg and con-over salve.