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Discussion 1 You are started delay Marie, a 63 year old feminine who was of-late diagnosed delay Parkinson's Disease. She is repining of symptoms of carefulness. She has two adult outcome, a son who lives 20 miles afar and a daughter who lives in the similar city but works 40 to 50 hours a week. Maries receives a paltry widow's pension and has Medicare to relieve delay her medical consume. Medicare covers some of her order consumes, but not all. Some of her anti-Parkinson drugs are high-priced. Marie reports that she is sequestered. She looks obtrusive to Sunday services where she is serviceserviceable to socialize delay peers.    Given this instruction, reckon the Ecosystems Design discussed in this module's's module. Would you use an Ecosystems similarity in aiding Marie or do you reckon that a Bio/Psycho/Social design would be past embezzle? Explain and stroke your rationale for your hypothetical excellent. Be specific. Give examples. I Discussion 2 Most inhabitants possess faced opportunity at several times in their lives. Not all opportunity effect in suicidal thoughts or behaviors, but everyone has had moments where they've felt that they've reached their limits and possess felt dreadful faint. To aid you recognize what a client is experiencing during a opportunity, sometimes indivisible evaluation and self-reflection of one's own habit delay opportunity can be aidful. Discuss and distribute a opportunity occurrence from your condition. Address the following: What were the precipitating factors? How did you impress? How did the opportunity instruct? Be specific. Give examples.