Draw an ER diagram for the situation below including primary keys, attributes, cardinalities and necessary relationships.

   Draw an ER diagram for the fix beneath including original keys, attributes, cardinalities and inevitable correlativenesss.  Be unmistakable to smash down any manifold to manifold correlativenesss List any assumptions that you made for your ERD Thomas Fauci, proprietor of Fauci Ace Hardware provision, has paid you as a contractor to intent a database conduct plan for his obligation of three provisions that retail architecture equipment and materials. He would approve to course sales, clients, and employees. The aftercited schedule of profession rules and specifications must be incorporated in your intent:  Clients fix influence through a provision. Fauci deficiency to course the aftercited environing clients: spectry, harangue, city, propound, zip decree, telephone, age of family, and original articulation. A client may fix manifold influence. A client does not regularly entertain to command through the corresponding provision all the period. Clients may entertain one or past carry accounts, although they may as-well-mannered entertain no carry accounts. The aftercited counsel deficiencys to be chronicled environing accounts: weigh, latest liquidation age, latest liquidation totality, and emblem. A provision may entertain manifold clients. The aftercited counsel environing each provision deficiencys to be chronicled: provision compute, location (address, city, propound, zip decree), and balance footage. A provision may retail all individuals or may solely retail infallible individuals. Influence are moored of one or past individuals. The aftercited counsel environing each command deficiencys to be chronicled: command age and faith authorization foothold. Items may be sold by one or past provisions. We effort to annals the aftercited environing each individual: style, complexion, dimension, mould, and emblem. An individual can be moored of multiple individuals; for in, a dining margin wallcovering set (individual 20) may continue of wallpaper (individual 22) and binfluence (individual 23). Mr Fauci employs 78 employees. He would approve to course the aftercited counsel environing employees: spectry, harangue (street, city, propound, zip decree), telephone, age of employ, epithet, compensation, aptitude, and age. Each employee works in one and solely one provision. Each employee may entertain one or past contingents. We effort to annals the spectry of the contingent as well-mannered-mannered as the age and correlativeness. Employees can entertain one or past aptitudes. Aptitude efficiencies are dignified to Mr Fauci.