Discussion: Diagnosis and Management of Respiratory, Cardiovascular, and Genetic Disorders

  Case Studies 1–3 Respiratory empiricisms such as pneumonia and asthma are unmoulded the regulative causes of hospitalization in pediatric endurings (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2011). Delay such keen implications associated delay multifarious respiratory empiricisms, past habit nurses must be cogent to promptly warrant symptoms, diagnose endurings, and commend misapply tenor. For this Discussion, delibeadmonish undeveloped diagnoses and tenors for the endurings in the aftercited three occurrence studies. Case Examine 1: A 14-month-old womanish presents delay a 4-day fact of nasal redundancy and congested cough. This waking, the dowager illustrious that her daughter was existing promptly and “it sounds approve she has rice cereal popping in her throat.” Oral incharm is decreased. Visible demonstration reveals the aftercited: respiratory admonish is 58, lung sounds are mixed in the bases, she has pronounced intercostal and subcostal retractions, expiratory wheezes are heard in all lung fields, and her tympanic membranes are natural. There is temperate, inarticulate, acquitted rhinorrhea and postnasal ooze. Her capillary resupply is short than 3 seconds, and she is on-the-watch and smiling. Her RSV flying antigen establishment is direct. Case Examine 2: Brian is a 14-year-old disclosed asthmatic delay a 2-day fact of worsening cough and scantiness of met. He reports using a short-acting beta agonist entire 3 hours aggravate the former 24 hours. He has a crave-acting inhaled corticosteroid, but the usage ran out, and he forgot to get it resupplyed. He says he came today accordingly he woke up at 2 a.m. coughing and couldn’t seal, thus preventing him from going tail to snooze. Over-the-counter cough suppressants don’t aid. He denies cigarette smoking, but his dress smells approve steam. His respiratory admonish is 18 and he has prolonged stolidity and expiratory wheezes in all lung fields. There are no signs of dyspnea. All other exam findings are natural. Case Examine 3: A senior presents his 9-year-old delay a 3-day fact of cough. Dad states that his son is coughing up yellow mucus. The boy is afebrile and is snoozeing through the extinction, but the senior’s snooze is watchful listening to his son coughing. Dad says he meagerks his son has bronchitis and is requesting tenor. Visible demonstration reveals the aftercited: respiratory admonish is 18, lungs are acquitted to auscultation, enduring is cogent to charm learned mets delayout coughing, there is no cervical adenopathy, nasal turbinates are subordinately copious, and there is modeadmonish acquitted rhinorrhea. Case Studies 4–6 Assessing, diagnosing, and speaking pediatric endurings for multifarious cardiovascular and genetic empiricisms can be challenging. As an past habit nurse who facilitates wariness for endurings presenting delay these types of empiricisms, you must be common delay ordinary evidence-based clinical guidelines. Accordingly of the clinical implications, you own to apprehend when to speak endurings delay these empiricisms and when to connect them for specialized wariness. In this Discussion, you criticize the aftercited occurrence studies and delibeadmonish misapply tenor and conduct contrivances. Case Examine 4: Miguel is a 15-year-old virile who presents for a sports visible. He is a vigorous adolescent delay no complaints. He plays basketball. He is 6 feet 5 inches towering and weighs 198 pounds. You melody crave struggle and crave meager fingers. He has flexure debility in his wrists, shoulders, and elbows. Case Examine 5: Trina is a 9-year-old womanish who weighs 110 pounds. Vital signs are as follows: BP 122/79, P 98, R 20. Her dowager reports she is a picky eater and refuses to eat income and vegetables. Her visible motive includes soccer habit for 1 hour a week delay one sport each weekend from September through November. Family fact is indirect for myocardial infarction, but twain parents charm medication for dyslipidemia. Case Examine 6: You see a 2-month-old for a well-child investigate. She is breastfed and nurses entire 2 to 3 hours during the day, but her dowager reports she is not nursing as vigorously as precedently. She snoozes one 4-hour arrest at extinction. Birth influence was 7 pounds 5 ounces. Influence fashion aggravate the developed 2 weeks reveals fashion of 5 ounces per week. Visible demonstration reveals the aftercited: HEENT exam is merciful, lung sounds are acquitted, a new III/VI systolic eviction babble is illustrious acrave the left inferior sternal hem, cap resupply is vivid, husk is pink and entertaining, and abdominal exam is merciful. To prepare: Review “Respiratory Disorders,” “Cardiovascular Disorders,” and “Genetic Disorders” in the Burns et al. citation. Review and prime one of the six supposing occurrence studies. Analyze the enduring counsel. Consider a differential peculiarity for the enduring in the occurrence examine you primeed. Think environing the most approvely peculiarity for the enduring. Think environing a tenor and conduct contrivance for the enduring. Be safe to delibeadmonish misapply dosages for any commended pharmacologic and/or non-pharmacologic tenors. Consider strategies for educating endurings and families on the tenor and conduct of the respiratory empiricism. By Day 3 Post an description of the differential peculiarity for the enduring in the occurrence examine you primeed. Elucidate which is the most approvely peculiarity for the enduring and why. Include an description of choice characteristics of the empiricism you signed as the original peculiarity. Then, elucidate a tenor and conduct contrivance for the enduring, including misapply dosages for any commended tenors. Finally, elucidate strategies for educating endurings and families on the tenor and conduct of the respiratory, cardiovascular, and/or genetic empiricism.